Your coastal-escape creative workshop dreams are about to come true.

And also the dreams you've got about harnessing your inner writer (we all have one - FYI), taming the negative-self-talk gremlins and getting through creative blocks so you can live that fully self expressed and wildly creative life you wanna live.

Yeah, we know the feeling; which is why we're the gals to take you through a wordy-experience aimed at doing just that...

...getting you past the 'stuff' that holds you back from expressing that sweet self of yours. And, to arm you with tools, practices and perspectives that encourage your creativity forward.


Just think: a whole day dedicated to getting OUTTA the grind and into that part of you that chills on the backburner while life is, well, life-y.

You hop on a ferry that whisks you off the mainland and out to the Sunshine Coast (see ya later, day to day life...and hello, coastal creative self).

You spend the morning slowly; taking in sights, sounds, and the saltiest air; sensory heaven. Then you spend your afternoon in a circle of other creators keen to uproot blocks and access a deeper sense of their own inner creative, and what they have to say. You write, you move (because movement is life), you get mindful.

And you walk away with a new and renewed sense of knowing how to dive into that creativity of yours, and how to bring it onto the FRONT burner - every dang day.


Plus you’ll (PROBABLY) walk away with sore abs

from all the belly laughs.


Because if there’s one thing we know, is that lightness in the creative process is a saving grace. So prepare to be playful in the process.

And maybe a bit brazen.



Thought you'd never ask ;)



Altaira Northe is a writer, writing coach, and ultramarathon runner, who splits her time between Toronto and BC’s Sunshine Coast. She draws from her experience working with creatives, researchers, and entrepreneurs over the past decade to help other writers to get past their creative blocks. She's also the founder & host of @cm_suncoast and was the former host of @toronto_cm.



Jess Robson is a freelance writer and creative who's as much of a glutton for a good session of pen to paper journalling as she is for making shapes in a yoga class. While dance was her form of personal freedom and expression in her early years, yoga now offers her a new means of connecting her brain to her body, and getting out of her head and into her heart. She teaches to offer that experience to others; a little space for some looser hamstrings and a touch more openness for creative thoughts to take form - from the head, to the heart, to the hand, to the page.




Like, 98% of the time. Because if there's something pursuing a life of creativity has taught us, is that creative blocks come in all shapes, sizes, sounds, feelings, physical form, mental form, emotional form...need we go on?


This creativity expanding, community of makers making, movement plus writing plus much more day:

a one-time payment of $297.00 CAD


two payments of $175.00.

Having a #nuffsaid moment? Cool. Snag your spot by clicking that sweet rectangle below.

Need some more? We got you.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

FUSE Work Hub, Gibsons BC

11:30am - 4:30pm


Here's what to expect:

  • Conversation about creative blocks; what they look like and how to move through them
  • Coaching + feedback on what you're experiencing with your own creativity - and how to shift, move + unleash your genius
  • Practices, processes and daily to-dos to find the YOUness in your expression; harness your genius and help her/him shout from the rooftops
  • Movement + mindfulness. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices aimed at accessing + moving creative energy
  • Light snacks + creative fuel
  • Some of our favourite creative goodies to inspire your ongoing creative journey + practices
  • A post-workshop social hour (if anyone used the word 'networking' you get your beer taken away from you) at the brewery down the street


If we could paint the ideal day picture, it would look something like this:

Hop on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay sometime before 9am. Enjoy the speedy 35 minute boat ride to Langdale, and zip into Gibsons (driving or transit - choose your method of movement).

Breakfast at Black Bean Roasting Co., a walk along the waterfront, then a saunter into FUSE where your fellow workshop pals are slowly gathering.

Spend the day letting your creativity soar, and unwind with your new pals over a pint or two. Slip down to Smitty's for a meal and some rose, then (and this is where the choose your own adventure part REALLY kicks in)....

  • Noodle your way back to the ferry and hop a boat back to the mainland to eventually wiggle into your bed and dream dreams of more coastal escapes


  • Check into your sweet Gibsons AirBNB and cozy up for a lovely, creativity infused night on the coast (complimented by a hike the following morning and more good coffee than you'll know what to do with). Add in a polar bear dip and maybe another sneaky pint before you go, and head home with your heart (and belly) oh so full.


Gibsons BC is a busy seaside tourist town by summer, and a rainy, cozy, coasty getaway for the other 8 months of the year (it's a PNW thing). It’s right on the ocean, smack dab in the middle of the forest, and is the perfect spot to get your creative juices flowing. It's a vibrant community that's got some serious heartbeat, and all the services and experiences to round out a you day (or weekend....sleep over anybody?); hit the trails, grab a pint at a local brewery, seek out some serious mellow with a massage. 

Pretty much: coastal mecca.


FUSE work hub is a modern co-working space in the heart of Gibsons. Plants? Check. Reclaimed lumber long tables? Check. Incredible view of the harbour and ocean? Double-check. Plus, it’s walking distance to seaside oysters, and craft beers (beer reference count in this page = you KNOW it's worth a stop/sip) post creative braindump. Just sayin’.

Extreme coastal experience note included, this creativity inspiring workshop day is yours for

$297 CAD

OR two payments of $175.00