Want to say more with what you write?

You hear yourself say it often: 'It's on the tip of my tongue.' or 'I just can't find the right word for (insert your wheelhouse work/area of genius here).' or even 'Writing about myself, my work...makes me gag.' 

If that's you - then riddle me this: 

What if you could get in touch with some taglines, sentences, heck even a word or two that make communicating about your brand or business as easy and comfortable as a satisfied sigh after a healthy size piece of apple pie (get it? easy as pie? see what I did there?)? What if there were a handful of touchstones that you could use to describe your brand that lights up its value AND reminds you of all the good you're spewing into the world?

And what if you had a thought partner, metaphorically (and physically if you're in the PNW or wanna fly in) holding your hand through the process and helping you get connected to what you're already saying?



Welp, how about holding these one-eighth Icelandic hands and navigate the world of words together?

Because THIS is where I come in, and where I add value to your business, product, service and communication.

I'm an expert listener and language-distiller. I listen well below the surface to not only hear what you're creating, but why it matters; to you AND to your clients and community. 

And I bring the ability to make that value speak for itself; and give it that 'shouting it from the rooftops' megaphone-clarity and accessibility that helps your readers get to know you, get to know your business, and establish the numero uno most important relationship element every business owner is looking to create: 


(Side note: if that's NOT your goal right now, we gotta chat.)

Here's my camp: you're already saying all the things you want to say and doing a pretty dang good job of describing who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

And, that you've just stopped being able to hear yourself speak those gems.


Or you're doing a dang good job of word gymnastics; throwing a boa-load of flare onto the most simple and beautiful ideas you've got. Because fancy words are fun...right? Sure. Sometimes. And....often not when you're trying to sell.


Here's how we can work together to make that copy magic (ahem: humans on fire for your goods and goodies) happen.

pricing 1000.png


Turn up your copy a notch with a full review of what you're working on and solutions, recommendations and strategies to make your [insert piece of communication] sing. And sing what? Your value, your impact, your genius, your expertise. Whatever the goal—to convert, to sell, to establish yourself as a SME, and beyond—we'll get your goals aligned with your words. A little time together, a little time apart (because fire needs air, right?), then a little time together again (can't ever say that without thinking about Janet Jackson). 



AKA: Define Your Online Real Estate.

You'll walk away with:

  • Full website copy (up to 5 pages)
  • Branded taglines to complement social profiles
  • Social media bios
  • A kick-off discovery session that you'll get all the notes from (to add to your brand Identity insight and presented as a super-fetch one-pager)
  • A high touch, co-creative experience where you get to hear yourself and have a guts deep experience of the value you're creating

Copy that speaks your value into the world like WHOA.

Maybe ALL of these sound like you. Or maybe none. If you're not sure where to start, drop me a line.

Chances are there's a way that we can work together; and finding the right fit for how we can make that magic happen for you and your business is my privilege and pleasure.

Want to get to know me, and this thing called copywriting a bit better before diving in? Let's hang out on Saturdays. 

Sign up with your email below and I'll drop you a line every Saturday morning. Think of it as your morning coffee companion; someone to shoot the shiz over some interesting stuff (could I be more vague?) with. I'll leave it at that, because the allure of the unknown is so...alluring.