This article by FastCompany popped up in my inbox this morning and I HAD to share. Water filter company Soma integrated a Work From Anywhere Week (WFAW) into their business last year, after founder Mike Del Ponte had a killer experience exploring a new city AND working at the same time. And, upon his return, wanting his staff to experience the same thing.

Three (of the multiple) benefits highlighted as being big time pros of the WFAW Soma implemented? Flexibility. Inspiration. Productivity. ALL YES...SO MUCH YES.

Often thinking I was 'broken' or 'lazy' for my aversion to a 'one working space' mentality of the majority of businesses, best believe I read this article with a big time 'EFF YES!', relieved to know that the inspiration that comes through varied working spaces with different people passing by, or an altogether new community/city/country is a shared experience by at least one other human and IS the source of some of the most productive working time e-v-e-r.

Internet high fives, Mike, and all WFAW employers everywhere. I salute you.

Have a read - share your thoughts!

To ending big weeks with an enthusiastic EFF YES!


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Currently residing in Vancouver, this man's got more than a couple stories to tell, using photography to capture the insane beauty and essence of the PNW, and the epic adventures he chases. Travel is his passion - his heart - and he storytells through his pictures and words in a way that brings you into the moment and beyond the photo.

An all around great human, Santi's got something to offer the photo-passionate community. He's also got a mean Tumblr feed so I mean, there's also that to go check out. 

High fives Santi - with love from another PNW-loving human.


TRY THIS: Drop the 'J' Word

For The Love Of Language

Your Wednesday word goal: get your self-empowerment on with one simple step - - drop 'JUST' from your lingo.

Hear me out.

Language has way more impact and influence than we give it credit for. It shifts and changes—on even the most cellular level—how we feel about others, our communities and most importantly, ourselves. The 'J' word can have a little 'ick' on it; like the thing you're describing or doing or wanting to do (etc.) isn't quite...enough. 

Think about your plans for this hump-day evening: Netflix? Me too - probably.

Friend: 'What are you doing tonight?'
Me: 'Oh just staying in and maybe taking it easy...Netflix, you know.'

First off: ain't no shame in the stay-in game. Down time is the best and self-care is the new over-socialization. ALSO - if you really wanted to go out on a Wednesday, you would rally someone for tapas and get your butt on a bar stool. So for pete's sake, own it. Claim your choices. Try this:

Friend: 'What are you doing tonight?'
You: 'Watching Netflix and eating a bag of yogurt covered raisins. Staying in like a boss. Might even put on a face mask...hard to say.'

No 'just' needed - you're doing you and that's that.

Yes, use it to talk about time. Yes, use it to talk about justice, reason and fairness. AND - when you're talking about YOU, try letting the 'just' slide. State it like it is. 

SO - your goal: drop the 'just', empower yourself with your language. And go get 'em, tiger.


WATCH THIS: An Ode to #InternationalWomensDay

It's International Women's Day.

There's endless individuals to celebrate that are making moves in the world and bringing women in leadership to the forefront of big conversations and big organizations. Today, on my morning pilgrimage to the TED site for a daily dose of #inspo, I found a video filmed at this year's conference, where Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, took the stage and wowed the crowd with the stories of how the over-socialization to aspirations of perfection have kept women overly cautious - whoa.

Her stand? Teach our girls to be brave, not perfect.

Watch the full talk here:

THANK YOU, Reshma, and to all the women in the world doing THEIR work; choosing bravery, courage, living in their purpose and letting passion fuel their lives. Huge, deep bow.

With internet high fives and e-hugs, Jess.