love life

post production beach bums

I have always identified being in a career as being in early to the office, pounding out the hours, chat around the water cooler, jump into and out of meetings, and stay working well into the evening before running home to cook a dinner, repack your life into two to three bags for the next day, then off to bed for another round of the same.  five days a week.  52 weeks a year. however many years you choose (or your bank account tells you to).  evenings weren't so much for shenangians like lolly-gagging on the beach with a frisbee, taking in the evening sun - but for catching up on what was missed in your emails that day. a bleak outlook, i know.

considering life as a 'career woman' today, with the company that I so ECSTATICALLY find myself working for, looks so very, very different from my long term idea of what it meant to be in a career.  a very good different, let me be clear.  I actually only recently shifted my thinking to look at the work that I do daily to be my career and my career path.  the 'C' word always had some taboo, negative, 'nose to the grind' type connotation behind it that i definitely shyed away from wanting to identify with.  i was much more comfortable knowing that i was doing work that i loved for a company that i was passionate about, and sat in that place of contribution and dedication without definition.

who knew you could have both?!?

in realizing that loving what you do in all aspects of your life (personal, health, professional) creates a life you love, and in fully being expressed in each of those aspects of what makes you YOU, you become a complete, authentic and fully engaged representation of your happiest, most loving self, and find opportunities for success left, right, and center.  they can be right under your nose waiting for you to realize your potential for happiness...... so open your heart to open your eyes, and grasp what's in front of you!

i spent my post production (apres work, if you will) hours relaxing on kits beach people watching, taking in the activity of the night, and celebrating the athleticism that is Kitsilano (open water swimming trainers, you rock my world!).  I knew I had put in a productive day, and that the chance to find that balance, grab some vitamin D, and really take in my love for my environment would up my happy factor.  All good reasons to close down the work station and leave those emails for tomorrow :)

own your love of life, share it with the ones you love, and celebrate often!

xo j