tug at my heart strings, why don't ya?

i've caught myself as 'that girl' more than a handful of times in recent past. 'that girl', in this specific reference, is the one that coos over squishy baby faces, that loses her s**t when a dog (in my current language: a DOGGIE!!!) comes into my workplace, and that is moved to (near)tears when endearing, random acts of kindness really hit home.

yes, i'm a little blubbery ('weepy' isn't as funny of a word) these days.

i totally lost it when i drove past a man on a street corner having a moment with his, albeit TOTALLY amazing, Golden Doodle this evening. i saw this outward expression of full-on other-being and other-world l-o-v-e for that furry little beast and i couldn't tear my eyes away. so, as most people and relationship centric happenings make me do, i got to thinking.

open-ness to love is one thing. being 'ready' in life for another person to compliment the radness that you've already got going on is beautiful. being the outward expression of that? being vulnerable in what i love and want and need? not this chick. well, not until recently..i would say. 

being so in love, i mean SO in love with each of our 'me', our going after with passion those tummy flip inducing visions of our best lives, the people that make up your world and being 100% totally on for loving and loving big every beautiful thing in your life is bold. it's bold, big, beautiful and every other epic word not starting with a b. and, consequently, it's all about our BE-ing.

i'm totally cool with being into what i'm into and who i am. with liking knitting (and being pretty-not-bad-and-kinda good at it), with being a wordy beast who loves writing and storytelling, with being totally into green juice AND appreciating quality mikshakes - it's all wrapped into my me. what i'm so stoked for? sharing that. loving every moment that i get to share it. laughing. more. always. all the time. and then even more after that. 

i'm choosing to be love. to be laughter. and to be the best silliest expression of that. so yeah, when i get a dog, i'm going to be that girl on the corner totally in love with that smushy face. and i'll show someone driving by what it means to be and share love. 

now, to get into a pet friendly apartment...