the post that should be about resolutions, short term and long term goals and hitting the re-set button. well, it kind of is.....i guess

New year, new plans, resolutions, goals, intentions….and with 2013 giving me the sensory feeling of ‘bigness’ (what does this feel like, you wonder? It’s like the night before Christmas morning when you were 6(ish) waiting for THAT PRESENT that you wrote to the big guy about. Excitement, nervousness, a little bit like you might puke. And no, it’s not gas. I promise) I am stepping into this year feeling fresh, jazzed and inspired. With big, hairy a$$ goals. Without any trepidation. 2012 gave me the time and space to learn and understand a LOT about J-E-S-S - and, if there’s one thing that I learned from 2012 that I will have on mantra-repeat (yes, like ‘Call Me, Maybe’ was for the better half of the year) it’s this:


I’m taking on 2013 with awareness. All too many times in the past year I lost sight of who I was, where I was going and essentially every detail of my vision for what I wanted my life to look like – both in the present moment and looking into the ever-so-elusive future. I learned that being absorbed in the ‘doing’ didn’t allow me to keep on ‘being’. I learned that patience – mostly with myself – pays. I could list off the copious amounts of times that I functioned for others – and lost myself along the way. So, for 2013, I am looking those lessons in the eye and saying ‘thanks for the wild ride – and for giving me the guts to take on myself and dominate 2013’.

The heart out part – that’s a reminder to love. Sounds silly? Humor me….

To me, love is about appreciating every moment. With yourself, with others, with strangers. Awkward conversations, exciting first-time anything experiences, horrible happenings, tragedies. Remembering to give myself the love that I need – day to day, those things that make me my best Jess – creates the space to love others, be present in the moment with them, and to live a freakin’ fun, silliness infused, laugh inducing life FULL of l-o-v-e. And it starts with me.

I’m not done learning – and know I never will be. I excel in moments where I get to look at what is, sort out the why, question the how and build a new whatever. As much as this applies to processes behind making epic businesses function or running seamless, ‘wow!’ worthy events, it’s as relevant, if not more so, when I can turn those questions on myself and figure out something new about me (or revisit somewhere I have been before and see why I am in that conversation with myself…..again,…and again).

SO, here’s to 2012 – a year of ups, down, ins and outs, failures (a’plenty) and what-the-f***’s, and of course, lessons. And a toast to 2013 – it’s here – and it’s going to be a big flippin' year.

Another wild ride, guaranteed.

i love me some reading

i get caught up in books like nothing else. if i am captivated by the content, get drawn into great character development or have a burning and passionate curiosity to learn about something, i can be that lost soul in Chapters/Barnes and Noble listlessly ambling along the aisles and plopped into corners thumbing through the latest releases or the most classic of classic novels. the book store is one of my happy places. what i have noticed as a product of my 'do everything august' this summer of 2012, is that i got super out of practice and nearly fell out of love with reading. sadly enough, i saw it more as an impediment to my schedule and less as a contribution to my best-jess-life. truth be told, i was only cracking the cover on books i 'wanted' to read on nights when i was struggling to fall asleep (which really was my fail-proof plan for making my eyelids slam shut). so, here, at the end of September, with a chill in the air and my wooly socks being withdrawn from the back of my sock drawer, i am hereby recommitting to reading - and doing so before i hit the sheets.

the first book i have thrown myself into: The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO - by Robin Sharma.

funny how we attract things to our lives when we need them the most - isn't it?

page by page in this novel of truthbomb novelties, there are multiple opportunities for the reader to reflect on themselves - on their life, their impact, their obesssions and their struggles. and reflecting, i am. the main character, Jack, sets out on an epic adventure to meet some of his estranged fathers' teachers. with the lessons of how to live wisely, love well and serve greatly before him, each teacher Jack encounters shares with him their own unique, yet somewhat related, ideas and insights. in not too many words, three seemingly simple (and i am only on his encounter with the surfer where he is discovering what it means to 'love well') thoughts are the foundation for so many opportunities of contemplation, consideration and connection to myself and my life. i'm plowing through the book - and am coming up for air to share the mind melting and forehead slapping 'duh! moments that i'm experiencing - more or less with anyone who will listen. so be prepared for more!

i'm back on the train. i'm in practice of what i know i need to do to be in my life - at the drivers' seat, on course to greatness. i've got a clear picture of where i am heading and at the same time, am flexible in how i get there.  that's the sense of adventure about life - in being ok with hopping off the freeway to check out a dirt road and see where it leads you.  it's all about the ride.

i'll part ways for today with this:

'For your life to be great, your faith must be bigger than your fears...' - Robin Sharma, The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO.

got a best-YOU-life practice? something that when you let it slide you miss it, and feel the need to reconnect? just like a bicycle - you haven't forgotten how to ride it. you just have to get back on the saddle and take the handlebars.

i wandered...

and am less lost than ever before.

the experience that was wanderlust whistler over friday and saturday of this past weekend was profound - and namely from a 'i had no idea it was like THAT' standpoint.  my logistics/hospitality 'what's the experience' brain was going into overdrive wondering how the city of whistler/blackcomb was going to manage an onslaught of granola-crunching and mat-yielding hippies around the regular influx of weekend warriors that land in the village from thursdays to sundays. and, my vision of mass amounts of organic cotton and hula hoops was slightly satisfied, while my slight fear of an overpowering smell of patchouli (i just can't seem to make my senses appreciate the earthiness that is...) was negated as i began my weekend o'bendy-bliss and landed in a sea of stoked practitioners out to share the culture of yoga with everyone in the village.

biggest #mindmelting moments?

- janet stone 5 elements yoga at 8:00am in 9 degree (celsius) weather. i wore wool socks. was i cold? sure. did i appreciate the crap outta being able to practice in the mountains in the freshest of fresh air. you're dang skippy i did.

- susanne conrad bringing the legacy conversation to us lusty-wanderers.  thinking into the future and looking at what you want to live to see - a very personal conversation yet in sharing what we are committed to, we begin to create its' occurrence.

- kate northrup with bringing the spiritual side of finance to the table - and confirming that it IS spiritual to be rich. sharing 20k in credit card debt with your onlookers, and what it takes to shift your relationship with dolla-dolla bills? #vulnerability

- danielle laporte. i....words...jeebus. she's just...real. and every 'just do it' and 'shut up and write' - she MEANS it. its the white hot truth - 'nuff said.

- michael franti and seane corn leading a live music yoga jam in olympic square. there was shaking, there was jumping and there were some asanas. and it was goooooood.

- mike nichols and the awesomeness and awkwardness that ARE arm balances. put that ego aside and find comfort in your shaky spots. that's the juicy place to work.

i learned SO much from each and every session.  whether it was the incremental changes that i saw in my practice or the words and concepts that punched me in the forehead and are causing me into action, i am walking away in wonder, diving into my life full of passion and stepping forward knowing my vlaue and ready to take on each day, asana, challenge, sticky spot and opporutnity with my whole, complete self.

are YOU ready for it? (please say yes....)