dinner with poppa robson happens every so often when business brings the big guy to the coast from our prairie origins. food and drink aside (which are always very much a treat) there seems to be a theme of my mind being blown by something wish (dad) sees and hears in me or is seeing or experiencing in his day to day that we end up ruminating on. tonight was no different - and I walked away with a lot of juicy Q's to dig into. what propelled me into a 'whaaaaaat!!' moment was the most innocent comment made while we stood waiting for valet to bring my whip (that little sunflower is still holding up - heck yes) up from the lot. i mentioned something about my experience of my smarts and some questions i had been asking about what i knew from experience and curiosity. he laid THIS down as a parting comment:

the knowing of our 'smarts' is the confidence piece. how you talk about it and use those smarts....that's maturity. - poppa robson

simple - yes. profound? maybe not. thought provoking? Uhhh, yup. confidence in what we know is essentially defining what we stand for - or more specifically, what we are willing to take or make a stand for. the interactions bit - and maturity and what not - thats a practice of speaking with confidence and not telling someone 'hey, I'm a smarty pants and look at what I know' - or if that's what is needed, it's perhaps finding a way to plop some elegance in there. elegance or grace. or both.

dad: thanks for the real deal. I'm on for a life of laughs and big freakin cab sauvs. glad we can have both together. oh, and keep the #wishbombs coming. this buckaroo has a ton more to learn from ya, guy.