ferry tales

ferry tales: milk

BC ferries. me as a solo traveller. tales of all things awkward, embarrassing, and most of the time, straight up weird. all with a lession, a learning.....a moral. it was on my most recent crossing that i boarded with a conscious confidence that THIS would be the trip that the 'strange' would be mitigated, the stars would align and normalcy would grace my travels again.

how naieve.

i joked with a good friend who was driving onto the same boat that her claim to wearing a dirndl on the boat would be contributing to my ferry-saga -- which i quickly re-named 'ferry tales' (#punny, right?). after landing ourselves on a passenger deck and spending 93% of the ride gabbing away (and witnessing one of the BEST natural orca breaching displays we had ever seen before), we parted ways so i could haul my walk-on butt off the boat. feeling like i had abated the awkward with only a small buffer of time to wait through, i opened my book and dove in. and then, the tap on my shoulder.

i looked to my left, and down about a foot, and was greeted by the sunglassed face of what seemed to be a fourteen year old. he had sage word to share with me:

'i just wanted you to know....that you can call me milk. 'cause i'd do that body good' - milk

unfortunately, the shock of the exceptional delivery and over confidence took over and my usual ability to respond with my well sharpened and cunning wit completely failed me. i mumbled a 'oh <insert cuss here>. ok, thanks' and milk walked off to share the glory of his pick up line with his like-aged friends. to support my shock of what just happened i overheard one of his travel companions mutter a 'oh, buddy that's horrible' and, to comfort my embarrassment and create some assurance that i was not the only one that couldn't really believe that just happened, totally associated it to his knowing what his friend had just said to me. whether that's the true course of events or not, i'll hang onto that glimmer of hope that others saw that as lame as i did.

so, with all other ferry tales, i look to see what's there to be learned. and here, there's something about what it means to take some responsibility around the energy i put out into the universe. in joking about the weirdness that i regularly encounter, i'm focussing on that and attacting more of it to me. in lamenting over the boy with the mouse, the three hour crossings and the public breakups, i am bringing those situations to life and again, making them propagate. simply put, i'm letting a simple activity be weird by classifying it as weird. a change of perspective here could very well be overdue - with an outcome that i can't wait to share.

let it be noted: i also learned that regardless of generation, decade or otherwise, bad pickup lines live on. fourteen year olds will always think they are invincible and twenty somethings will stumble over their words. we're in this big, badass thing called life together and we're all going to experience some unique things. moral of this one is to be big and bold - you never know who might really like milk, you know?