jam sessions

what a cool couple of days. not only was i exposed to some of the most insightful and inspiring goals that my peers are chasing, approaching and crushing, i was living and breathing specific and beautiful visions with these strong, identified, and passionate human beings who are so excited to create and live in possibility for what they can create, unrestrained, for their future. epic, epic, epic.

to top it all off, this evening was spent in the company of inspired people, the artisitc community in Vancouver, and individuals working for a bigger cause and inspiring action in their social networks.

submiT vancouver, a fund raising event for imagine1day and their initiative that 'All Ethiopians have access to quality education free of foreign aid by 2030' was on the event schedule for tonight, taking place at Performance Works on Granville Island.  A group of engaged individuals created their notion of what a contribution looked like.  they made their CREATRIBUTION, and it was a great success!

drinks, appetizers and eclaires (ohhh yes) aside, being in the space of local artists sharing their craft in support of something bigger (a bigger picture, if you will) sparked some conversation with a couple firey friends that have hige huge ideas.  The brainstorming that was a direct result of being around art, conribution, dynamic change initiatives and some GREAT dance moves (of course - this is how we do!!) was insane.  Concepts for other events that will carry forward the feeling of achieving amazing goals while supporting anothers' goals and the bigger picture (Global Leadership, if you ask me!) began flying around - the energy was palpitable.  The excitement was electric.  And the ideas just kept getting bigger....and bigger.......!

I realized tonight that I have the capacity to contribute to and collaborate in conversations built on a crazy, unique and utterly spectacular concepts, and that in holding back or using a negative way of approaching the possibility, I ultimately lose of power of speech, and make something huge and significant a 'maybe' or a 'no'.  Ultimately, I will create the space for youth to learn, grow and become powerful and engaged leaders in their communities.  And it is all going to start with a bike ride.

More to come on that front -

have a great Friday! Mine is going to be filled with ideation, creation, and a WHOLE bunch of other awesomeness.  I can just feel it!!

xo j