i wandered...

and am less lost than ever before.

the experience that was wanderlust whistler over friday and saturday of this past weekend was profound - and namely from a 'i had no idea it was like THAT' standpoint.  my logistics/hospitality 'what's the experience' brain was going into overdrive wondering how the city of whistler/blackcomb was going to manage an onslaught of granola-crunching and mat-yielding hippies around the regular influx of weekend warriors that land in the village from thursdays to sundays. and, my vision of mass amounts of organic cotton and hula hoops was slightly satisfied, while my slight fear of an overpowering smell of patchouli (i just can't seem to make my senses appreciate the earthiness that is...) was negated as i began my weekend o'bendy-bliss and landed in a sea of stoked practitioners out to share the culture of yoga with everyone in the village.

biggest #mindmelting moments?

- janet stone 5 elements yoga at 8:00am in 9 degree (celsius) weather. i wore wool socks. was i cold? sure. did i appreciate the crap outta being able to practice in the mountains in the freshest of fresh air. you're dang skippy i did.

- susanne conrad bringing the legacy conversation to us lusty-wanderers.  thinking into the future and looking at what you want to live to see - a very personal conversation yet in sharing what we are committed to, we begin to create its' occurrence.

- kate northrup with bringing the spiritual side of finance to the table - and confirming that it IS spiritual to be rich. sharing 20k in credit card debt with your onlookers, and what it takes to shift your relationship with dolla-dolla bills? #vulnerability

- danielle laporte. i....words...jeebus. she's just...real. and every 'just do it' and 'shut up and write' - she MEANS it. its the white hot truth - 'nuff said.

- michael franti and seane corn leading a live music yoga jam in olympic square. there was shaking, there was jumping and there were some asanas. and it was goooooood.

- mike nichols and the awesomeness and awkwardness that ARE arm balances. put that ego aside and find comfort in your shaky spots. that's the juicy place to work.

i learned SO much from each and every session.  whether it was the incremental changes that i saw in my practice or the words and concepts that punched me in the forehead and are causing me into action, i am walking away in wonder, diving into my life full of passion and stepping forward knowing my vlaue and ready to take on each day, asana, challenge, sticky spot and opporutnity with my whole, complete self.

are YOU ready for it? (please say yes....)

a rock in the bucket

i know my bucket list is not published for anyone to see.  truthfully, its not actually in written, tangible form for anyone to read.  it's a flurry of words, thoughts, ideas, dreams and BHAGs that fly around inside my blonde head, tempting me to get out of my routine and try something new, or get out of town for the wekeend to see or do something that I haven't seen or done before.  There are people I will meet by getting out and involving myself with organizations that do epic s**t internationally, experiences that i will have with my friends and loved ones, and yes, the occasional pair of insanely beautiful shoes that make a lady feel oh so special.  and, there are artistic experiences that i will be a part of that will redfine my love of music and visual art that complete the slowly forming list that will be known as my 'bucket list' (working on the name.....!) tonight, there is a big old stone in the bucket that has a permanent smile on my face.

whistler.  olympic plaza.  two microphones, one bongo drum and an acoustic guitar, Toko Rivera and Jason Mraz.  open air, beautiful evening, inspiring company.

while i wasn't crying (my eyes were watering from the wind, i swear!), my heart was singing as I saw one of my favorite artists perform one of the most well done sets i have ever heard, and got to experience it within the beauty of nature and the openness and acceptance of every individual there. amazing awesomeness.

mr a-z himself had a couple gems of wisdom that polished the beauteous stone that now sits in my bucket. not only did his guitar read 'be love', but his insight into how we show up with the statement 'how we do anything is how we do everything' was an added shot of conceptual-grooviness to leave tinkering away in your brain as you walked off into the windy whistler evening. i had no words, other than the lyrics of my fave songs, belted out without inhibition.  i died.

gratitude cafe. thank you for such an amazing evening.  whistler presents gets some serious props for putting that rock in mt bucket.  also, a clear sea to sky highway and a full service chevron gas station assisted in this happening.  and matt corker. for being bold in his goals and having connectors who follow you tell you about opportunities to help you smash your BHAGs.

good night.  great choices. a-w-e-s-o-m-e

xo j