Oliver BC

New Goal!!

I make a homecooked, healthy, balanced meal with a guest (friend, family member, acquiantance, love, etc) once a week, paired with a wine by recommendation from the Kitsilano Wine Cellar on Cypress and 1st.  

In cooking for one, I have been getting lazy.  Lazy in the form of 'oatmeal can be dinner, right?' and 'i'll just fill up on blueberries and grapes......that should tide me over until the morning'.  The process of getting creative around dinner time and expending the energy to make something both healthy and interesting has been a seemingly daunting task lately.  BUT, it takes only one night of co-creating something tasty and relatively fast and easy, with a punch of healthiness to it, to reignite the flaming love of cooking and hosting friends.

It was a simple trip to the grocery store, with a bill of little more than $30.  Paired with the Church & State Winery (Oliver BC) Church Mouse Pinot Nior (2009), the green curry that we whipped up tonight came topped with fresh cut pineapple, great laughs and a memorable creative process (that might have involved noshing on hummus and a ginger-mango stilton prior to the consumption of our thai-inspired main).  Chatting away made the kale boil up faster than usual, made the sweet smell of the coconut milk that much more rich, and had us laughing with our glasses raised in no time.

So i am committed to moving forward with this routine!  Once a week, new and old friends, come on by! Propose a meal that you want to try to make, tell me about a great bottle of wine and we will sort out the food around what would pair well!  Let's bring back the home meal - lounges are great for weekends - but let's make mid-week the new Sunday, and get cooking together!

shout it out - what do you wanna get up to in the kitchen?

(side bar: no land animals. sea creatures and veggies only, please and thank you! otherwise i will be watching you eat and that can be awkward.)

xo j