the adventure begins.....

Not sleeping the night before the flight to london may very well have been the best idea ever.  seems that the seats in 'not executive' class are getting closer and closer together these days - and when the considerate passenger in front of you puts their seat back....well, lets just say i was nearly kissing Cher while I was watching 'Burlesque' on the in-flight movie system.  Being able to tuck up into a ball and snooze away the flight was a gift! With only slight assistance from a kind Italian man on Praed Street I found Kate's office, reunited with some Olympic friends, and then made my way (with WAY too much luggage) to my sister's flat. (its epic, i love it, i want it.).  A short cat nap later and a frenzied shower and we were off to Oxford Circus for a Thai dinner at Ora (check out the sunset over Colville Terrace in Notting Hill.....divine!!),

"sunset over colville terrace"

then drinks at Market Place just an alley away.  When the jet lag set it it was time to roll home through the tube system - easy breezy awesome.

I spent the morning in a coma (for real.  took my sister three phone calls to rouse me), and then relaxing and centering myself the only way I truly know how.

A Morning Stretch

ITs now 2pm on Friday and I am getting set to pack it in and head to the airport (hello, Heathrow, my old friend!!) for a nip of a flight to Barcelona where the Sangria will be free flowing and the awe-inspiring arcitecture will blow minds (mine, in particular).   Anticipate a LONG post regarding Barcelona shenanigans - who knows when I will see a computer next! AND i am still scheduling my Wednesday and Friday of next week.....!  Events TBA. :)

Here we go!!