the mixologists

a fine art, mixology is. not only taking an old concept and adding a new twist, but innovating with unexpected ingredients and taking the time to let the drink come together (seemingly, about 7 to 9 minutes per cocktail) takes patience, understanding, creativity and passion.

an evening out with friends from out of the city - playing semi-tour guide is one of my most favorite things - proved that taking newbies to Vancouver to hidden AND not so hidden gems reaffirms that those ladies and gents behind the bar of the multiple establishments we Vancouverites like to visit so much have it going on.  furreal.

Chill Winston got us excited with their Pick Me Up martinis (espresso, espresso and vanilla vodkas and baileys, on ice, in the largest snifter I have EVER seen) and the Revel Room followed suit with three impressive, quirky and unique beverages.  A hand made, spicy salsa inspired Caesar, the Secret Garden, complete with gin and fresh apple juice, among, and the star of the night, The Fawlty Basil.  A savory cocktail that defies the norm of too much sweetness needing to be in a cocktail to appeal to the masses.  It was savory, only a baby bit sweet, and classy enough to be garnished with a basil leaf.  THATs innovation.

My dining mates had open minds.  They went for something new, I went for an old favorite.  If the 'something new's hadnt taken place, the Fawlty Basil would still be a mysterious option not yet explored.  But, braveness took over and won, and placed that glass a the top if the awesome list.


Moral of the story: try something new.  Do it now.  Who knows what savory flavors are awaiting you!


xo j