another musical stone

the long awaited Adele concert FINALLY took place this eve.  and with her final note, to one of her most noteable songs in her brief yet glowing tenure on the music scene, another glossy stone was tossed into my little musical bucket.  check off: see Adele play live, anywhere other than a large scale stadium or arena. yes, complete. along with that stone in my bucket of 'must-sees', Adele gave me, and everyone in attendance, an experience - stories and insight into the background of what inspired the songs that she was singing.  some of what she talked about we already knew (a big break up, the reason for her last cancellation, etc) but other fun facts behind some of the songs were those special tidbits of takeaways that build those memories and make concert expereinces more than just a live playing of a new album.  she breathed life into the theatre, welcomed us into her space in being open and playing with the audience, and got really real. more than once.

she mentioned a broken heart.  and that broken heart being mended through the support of friend and the submersion of herself in her music.  having a purpose and an outlet to express herself was her healing 'recipe for success'.  in any kind of healing, whether that be emotional, psychological or physical requires an outlet.  I write to get my emotions out, to balance my thoughts and to see where I am stuck or what I am truly sitting on that I cannot let go.  Adele writes lyrics.  Some paint, some read, some run and some sleep.  everyone has a way to deal - consciously or subconsciously, our coping mechanisms are there to provide us with a sense of stability throughout tumult.

there was more than one broken heart in the Orpheum tonight.  There was also more than one mended heart, hearts in love and super-solos there to hear the soundtrack for power, independance and a little bit o'loss.  We all came together as we identify with what miss Adele had to say.  We all left being touched in different ways.  And we will all take the stories we heard back to our respectieve groups of friends, family, and other loved ones.  And, we will take pride in putting on '21' when its time to deal with things to find strength in our words and power.

my writing gets really powerful when im all emotional and stuff. perhaps an example to follow? oooooh maybe the journal entries would make for good songs that I could write for Adele's next album.......!!!! A work in progress, as usual!


xo j