30 day challenge

new month!

holy heck, welcome to september!! the creative spark that put me up to the challenge of reconnecting with my passion for writing sent out an email the other day (to other inspired, creative and productive individuals that she had challenged with the same tempting feat of committing to taking on their passion for that something special that gets us all excited) to check in, check up, and rechallenge.  and not a challenge in a negative connotation where you feel you can say 'no', but a re-offering of giving yourself the space to connect with your creative side, and keep up with the projects we had all set out to work on, work through and develop through the month of August.

and thank you, miss laurel, for doing so, as i was more than starting to make excuses and let larry the ego (im pretty sure thats the name we landed on for him......) tell me that i needed time to find a purpose to write something - that the value was falling out of what i was writing about, and that the things that have been going on in my personal life took precedence, and were not to be used as insight or content for my online voice and what i want to share.  i became convinced that compartmentalizing was the only way to make an impact.  which truly is silly and goes against the way i live day to day. 

helloooooooo inauthenticity.

work, personal life, health, all go hand in hand.  while perhaps the content does not always flow from one part of my life to another, who i choose to show up as, how i represent myself and the principles that i operate under are constants. non-negotiable.  i am a coach and mentor who shares openly to create space for the development of authentic relationships. i am a loving friend and family member who is a constant and clear stand for the happiness and wellbeing of others.  i choose my attitude and who i am going to be for others each and every day.

THUS: i choose to take on this project for september without excuse, complaint or ego.  just doing it because i love writing, i love sharing, and i love relatedness.

and i love love.

just sayin'

xo j

life lines

diving into relationships from the far and more recent past is always a fun excursion.  the newer relationships that you take the time to look back on are full of fresh memories - you share recent accomplishments, awkwardness, local awesomenessa dn day to day shenanigans.  all beautiful things to share, and are the foundation for future, DMC (deep meaningful conversations.....i shortened it) based memories that end up shaping epic, life long friendships, work-relationships and romantical relates as well.  then you look at the relationships that had their topical beginngs years ago - that have had years to become those epic relationships where neither time nor distance nor connectivity change the fact that they know you better than anyone.  these are life lines.  

spending time in your home town, randomly reconnecting with old friends because 'something told you to get in touch with them', or mentioning a name in passing that sparks a memory with another, all these are opportunities in revisitng old school memories with the coolest friends in your book.  the ones that know you best.


its honestly amazing to see how life events bring people together, back together, together again, creating space for the estranged to become identified once again.  how good it feels to find that person again, waiting for your update, seeming to have been waiting for you to pick up the phone and chat like you just saw eachother yesterday.  and how much better does it feel to reconnect in situations where you get to show them your stand for your relationship, be an authentic representation of not only yourself but also your friendship, and to be able to share how that person has impacted your life over the years - through inspiration, dedication, honesty, integrity, and so many other things.  great is a friendship where you never stop learning about the other party - where time only makes you more curious, more engaged, and increasingly in awe of the other.


i learned much about myself and some of my closest friends this weekend. much about how i have shown up for others, and the impact on their lives that my choices have made. cool was the chance to share, to talk, to laugh and cry together.  thank you for a beautiful weekend of learning, ladies of the south cowtown people-ship.  we have some serious specialness going on in our lives because of one another.  a lot of beans in a pot of awesome-broth.  just saying.

every day im reconnecting!!

xo j

be it to share it

it seems that the concept of sharing ourselves is coming up time and time again in conversation - and in sharing ourselves i am speaking in regards to being able to coach others on a life event, a change, or a new concept from a place of personal experience.  being open to learning has allowed me to experience things in my personal development, listen from a place of wonder and curiosity when new concepts are introduced into my environment, interpret my feelings and concerns about what comes up inherently, and to be able to articulate the recognition process i experienced to others. taking myself on hasn't been the easiest journey, as there is so much personal responsibility that i have had to accept and assign to myself when it is so much easier to point a finger and expect others to do things for you.  but, in taking that step back, looking at the choices that i make, and then looking at who i have been and how i have represented my true self in those actions have been the biggest learnings.

recognition of personal choice is the root of being able to accept personal responsibility in each and every minute of each and every day.  and, in going through the work to identify with what it means in your specific space to accept and own that responsibility and your action of choice, we learn to be, and thus we share.  my biggest wins when coaching others, chatting possibility and really looking at the biggest, most audacious visions and goals have come just following times when i have been through great coaching, have put myself through some big possibility talks, and have created and been open to big old hairy audacious goal setting and vision work myself.

authentic conversations have been my key to success, and an open point of sharing and communication.  i'm still learning to articulate fully to be completely expressed - an ongoing journey indeed.

sharing is caring, don't forget.

xo j

challenging challenges

i heart the grind. i love the crisp mornings, the deep burn of the 2.9 km worth of uneven stairs, and the sweet reward of a hot coffee treat when you summit.  there is the mental work of getting over the sheer insanity of what you are doing, and the chance to be with yourself and sort out what's mulling through your head, create some to do lists for the day, and settle some scores with your ego about what you can (and some days, cannot!) challenge your body with each and every day.

physical challenge of this week:  Grind it out monday to friday

mental challenge of this week: take on life's mystifying nuances and let them push you UP the mountain, and not let them keep you in bed as your alarm clock rings after hitting sleep 6 or more times

creating a physical challenge has given me the space this week to face my mental challenges, get present to what is really coming up within those new, different and tough spaces and find comfort in each and every step/feeling/realization.  while i can be the strong leader of the grind some days, there are others where i need to be inspired to keep moving - to have someone pull me up the mountain with them.  much like i can be a leader in my personal relationships, and be of continual service to others' needs, there is just as much value in allowing myself to find comfort in being supported, to be ok with asking for help, and to sit with emotions that come up and let them fully work their magic on my personal healing.

i am learning to find that space.  to give to wholly to others when they need to be supported, and to give it to myself when i need to step back and let myself be whatever it is that my head and heart decide is right in that moment.  and learning to really live in that moment.  every day.

good choices, friends.

xo j

jam sessions

what a cool couple of days. not only was i exposed to some of the most insightful and inspiring goals that my peers are chasing, approaching and crushing, i was living and breathing specific and beautiful visions with these strong, identified, and passionate human beings who are so excited to create and live in possibility for what they can create, unrestrained, for their future. epic, epic, epic.

to top it all off, this evening was spent in the company of inspired people, the artisitc community in Vancouver, and individuals working for a bigger cause and inspiring action in their social networks.

submiT vancouver, a fund raising event for imagine1day and their initiative that 'All Ethiopians have access to quality education free of foreign aid by 2030' was on the event schedule for tonight, taking place at Performance Works on Granville Island.  A group of engaged individuals created their notion of what a contribution looked like.  they made their CREATRIBUTION, and it was a great success!

drinks, appetizers and eclaires (ohhh yes) aside, being in the space of local artists sharing their craft in support of something bigger (a bigger picture, if you will) sparked some conversation with a couple firey friends that have hige huge ideas.  The brainstorming that was a direct result of being around art, conribution, dynamic change initiatives and some GREAT dance moves (of course - this is how we do!!) was insane.  Concepts for other events that will carry forward the feeling of achieving amazing goals while supporting anothers' goals and the bigger picture (Global Leadership, if you ask me!) began flying around - the energy was palpitable.  The excitement was electric.  And the ideas just kept getting bigger....and bigger.......!

I realized tonight that I have the capacity to contribute to and collaborate in conversations built on a crazy, unique and utterly spectacular concepts, and that in holding back or using a negative way of approaching the possibility, I ultimately lose of power of speech, and make something huge and significant a 'maybe' or a 'no'.  Ultimately, I will create the space for youth to learn, grow and become powerful and engaged leaders in their communities.  And it is all going to start with a bike ride.

More to come on that front -

have a great Friday! Mine is going to be filled with ideation, creation, and a WHOLE bunch of other awesomeness.  I can just feel it!!

xo j

coming at you - fast and hard

DEVELOPMENT BONG! like a beer bong that you would craft out of supplies from Home Depot, but replace a cardonated barley-hops-sugar-water concoction with words of inspiration, questions why, concepts, feelings and emotions, coupled with values and new pieces of culture, culture, culture, and you've got immersion into a new corporate culture delivered via the DEVELOPMENT BONG!


conversations that have started in my world as of late have been inspiring, interesting, engaging and exciting! with so much changing within our corporate world, our personal lives and our relationships, SO many questions have been asked, emotions have been brought to the surface, and inquiries have been investigated and approached with open arms - this amount of awareness and recognition for what is facing us as opportunities and in looking at where we have been in celebration, in short bursts, is the content of the D-BONG.  It hits you hard, catches you off guard, but is something that people get SO flippin excited about that they cannot help but lead you down the funnel and shoot you into the world with thoughts, concepts and feedback splashed all over your t-shirt.


having a tough conversation? someone asking big questions that get you so excited for the potential of the conversation and the possibility at hand?  grab your most confident smile, open the space for candor and feedback, and crack open the development - then throw it down the bong and get the ideas rolling!  the receiver will maybe be caught off guard by how much they have to offer or how they are showing up, but the chance to share openly and have the feedback land with love and respect makes for some EPIC conversations.

and chugging skills.

xo j

a bud for you

who can resist the glowing faces of gerber daisies?? life can use some brightening up every now and again - and nothing can add a spring into someone's step who has been down in the dumps like fresh flowers in exuberantly bright (obnoxious, even!) colors.

it doesn't take much - not a dozen roses, not a huge bouquet.  just a stem or two to say 'thinking of you' changes someone's day.

they don't even have to be in need of perking up.  the thought of showing someone that they are on your mind and being open with your love and care for them brings smiles all around.  and a sunny vase to stare into makes the smile come back time and time again.

maybe it's a thank you card.

perhaps you satisfy a friend's sweet tooth.

do what makes those people smile.

share your love for the people in your life.  show them you are thinking of them.

i'm thinking of my closest friends, sending love, strength and hope to everyone.

i am thinking of my family, and shooting rays of affection, appreciation, and loving care to everyone.

and i am thinking of you! and how you are going to share your love with your friends, family and community .


xo j

every day

take the time every day to look around in wonderment. to see the space you find yourself in, and thank your innermost workings for manifesting that space/location/city.  appreciate.

to look at the people you have in your life and say thank you for their love and passion.  love.

to listen to your body and its needs.  nourish.

question. ask why.  forget the when.  live the today.

time is fleeting.  tell your loved ones you love them.  forgive and move forward with a fresh canvas.  repaint, rework, recraft. reorganize.  reprioritize.

strength in our person, in our circles, and in our faith in life manifests strength in self, the power of love and our ability to overcome.

do it now.

now is what we know isnt going anywhere.

xo j


there are so many epic bits about Vancouver Island.  From the sometimes-lengthy commute via the ferry system, to the quaint towns and cities that litter the coastal shores and valleys, the list of signifying aspects of life on the island is long and thorough.  There are, however, a couple gems on that list of unqie and suprising (at times) locations not to be missed when visiting the island in search of something truly unseen on or in the Lower Mainland. Their names are Still Life, Hemingway Boutique, and Rebel Rebel.

      Still LIfe

Rebel Rebel Hemingway Bouttique

The landscape and views from downtown Victoria (among other vantage points and points of interest) can take your breath away, but one thing that seems to be of a greater concern as of late in conversation here in VanCity which takes the drivers seat on visits to the escape that is the island: one of a kind fashion pieces and outfits.

The pro of living in Vancouver: lots of great outfits and idea to pull from in creating your look - whether that be a corporate inspiration, something more laid back from a scene on main, or something uber classy and well put together, as seen on the streets of Kerrisdale.

The con: lots of people wanting to look great = over shopping of styles and particular garments, and loss of individuality.

The boutiques on LoJo in vic have it together - offering great pieces at varied price points with diligence in limited orders and constant movement of their product.  They are always getting in new pieces, moving things around for new merchandising opportunities, and show no fear in bringing unique style and attention to fashion from the hotbeds of international trend devekopment tehmselves.

The trend for boutique style shopping comes to Vancouver in stores such as Oak and Fort (Gastown), Vincent Park (main street) and Charlie And Lee (Chinatown - an export from Victoria to the mainland).  I understand that size of cities denotes the scope of what stores carry and need to sell to stay in buesinsss, but I believe these stores truly have it down.  UNique yet simple basics with a twist, accessible prices and the willingness to improve your experience with some legit education makes me go back.  and back, and back.

Needless to say, my shopping my be taking place solely in Vic for now.  Love me some mass-produced staples, but gimmie something special to flaunt and this girl has some spring in her step!

xo j

picking up where we left off.....

The  morning following a successul night out with great friends and impressive mixed beverages (see last night's....errrr this morning's post regarding mixologists and a well bred appreciation for the savory flavorfulness that was the Fawlty Basil) is never complete without brunch.  Whether that be rolling out of bed and frying up a pan of eggs and tofurkey bacon for yourself and the friends who so responsibly crashed on your loveseat, or forcing yourselves out into the sunny day for a public display of hunger satisfaction, the accompaniment that cannot be missed, and sets the rest of the day up for success, is the coffee. So many amazing things are being done to make the art of not only drip (stove top percolator, anyone?) but also espresso based drinks unique, much like our cocktail experience from last night.  Enter: Lavender Lattes, brought to you by Cafe Medina (Beatty street, between Dunsmuir and Pender - from the Chambar family, to you!).

The addition of slightly sweet, lightly flavored lavender, mixed in with beautfully brewed and poured espresso and steamed milk made the java fix of Saturday morning that much more enjoyable.  Also on the menu: Vanilla, Raspberry, and Caramel (if my hazy memory serves me well).  Stepping out of the ordinary and trying something that came HIGHLY recommended by friends more experienced in the Medina dining world, proved to be a VERY well received and pleasant suprise.

While being out in the atmosphere of the exposed brick and vaulted celings held strong with raw-wood beams pulled each and every aspect of breakfast together, lattes inclusive, I would love to bring that uniqueness home to entertaining at Chez Robson.  It's not the inspiration that is lacking, but the knowledge of the 'how' and the tools needed (espresso machine, for example, and a full bar, if looking at the mixologists!) to make myself a barista-mixologist-entertainer-supreme for all my guests.  My work: getting creative with what I have and knowing that building a home FULL of everything I need/want to be the next 'home hosting' starlet takes time (time to collect the things you need and time to actually have people in....!).

so, all in good time, i guess.

for THIS time being, i will continue my quest for all the best of vancouver when it comes to beverages.  all shapes, sizes, temperatures and content!

got a great place with innovative offerings?? leave me a comment! xo j

the mixologists

a fine art, mixology is. not only taking an old concept and adding a new twist, but innovating with unexpected ingredients and taking the time to let the drink come together (seemingly, about 7 to 9 minutes per cocktail) takes patience, understanding, creativity and passion.

an evening out with friends from out of the city - playing semi-tour guide is one of my most favorite things - proved that taking newbies to Vancouver to hidden AND not so hidden gems reaffirms that those ladies and gents behind the bar of the multiple establishments we Vancouverites like to visit so much have it going on.  furreal.

Chill Winston got us excited with their Pick Me Up martinis (espresso, espresso and vanilla vodkas and baileys, on ice, in the largest snifter I have EVER seen) and the Revel Room followed suit with three impressive, quirky and unique beverages.  A hand made, spicy salsa inspired Caesar, the Secret Garden, complete with gin and fresh apple juice, among, and the star of the night, The Fawlty Basil.  A savory cocktail that defies the norm of too much sweetness needing to be in a cocktail to appeal to the masses.  It was savory, only a baby bit sweet, and classy enough to be garnished with a basil leaf.  THATs innovation.

My dining mates had open minds.  They went for something new, I went for an old favorite.  If the 'something new's hadnt taken place, the Fawlty Basil would still be a mysterious option not yet explored.  But, braveness took over and won, and placed that glass a the top if the awesome list.


Moral of the story: try something new.  Do it now.  Who knows what savory flavors are awaiting you!


xo j

New Goal!!

I make a homecooked, healthy, balanced meal with a guest (friend, family member, acquiantance, love, etc) once a week, paired with a wine by recommendation from the Kitsilano Wine Cellar on Cypress and 1st.  

In cooking for one, I have been getting lazy.  Lazy in the form of 'oatmeal can be dinner, right?' and 'i'll just fill up on blueberries and grapes......that should tide me over until the morning'.  The process of getting creative around dinner time and expending the energy to make something both healthy and interesting has been a seemingly daunting task lately.  BUT, it takes only one night of co-creating something tasty and relatively fast and easy, with a punch of healthiness to it, to reignite the flaming love of cooking and hosting friends.

It was a simple trip to the grocery store, with a bill of little more than $30.  Paired with the Church & State Winery (Oliver BC) Church Mouse Pinot Nior (2009), the green curry that we whipped up tonight came topped with fresh cut pineapple, great laughs and a memorable creative process (that might have involved noshing on hummus and a ginger-mango stilton prior to the consumption of our thai-inspired main).  Chatting away made the kale boil up faster than usual, made the sweet smell of the coconut milk that much more rich, and had us laughing with our glasses raised in no time.

So i am committed to moving forward with this routine!  Once a week, new and old friends, come on by! Propose a meal that you want to try to make, tell me about a great bottle of wine and we will sort out the food around what would pair well!  Let's bring back the home meal - lounges are great for weekends - but let's make mid-week the new Sunday, and get cooking together!

shout it out - what do you wanna get up to in the kitchen?

(side bar: no land animals. sea creatures and veggies only, please and thank you! otherwise i will be watching you eat and that can be awkward.)

xo j

it takes two

two appetizers two glasses of wine

two old friends

endless conversation


much like 'love spans all bounds', as does good, old fashioned quality friendship.  regardless of how many minutes, hours or days in between text messages, voicemails or facebook shout-outs, face to face conversation with an old friend who knows you better than anyone else (including your hatred for broiled tomatoes topped with parmesan cheese - double barf) negates any misses in day to day conversation, any lag in point in time catch-ups, and any misstep in letting one another know details about the goings on of the daily grind.


xo j

another musical stone

the long awaited Adele concert FINALLY took place this eve.  and with her final note, to one of her most noteable songs in her brief yet glowing tenure on the music scene, another glossy stone was tossed into my little musical bucket.  check off: see Adele play live, anywhere other than a large scale stadium or arena. yes, complete. along with that stone in my bucket of 'must-sees', Adele gave me, and everyone in attendance, an experience - stories and insight into the background of what inspired the songs that she was singing.  some of what she talked about we already knew (a big break up, the reason for her last cancellation, etc) but other fun facts behind some of the songs were those special tidbits of takeaways that build those memories and make concert expereinces more than just a live playing of a new album.  she breathed life into the theatre, welcomed us into her space in being open and playing with the audience, and got really real. more than once.

she mentioned a broken heart.  and that broken heart being mended through the support of friend and the submersion of herself in her music.  having a purpose and an outlet to express herself was her healing 'recipe for success'.  in any kind of healing, whether that be emotional, psychological or physical requires an outlet.  I write to get my emotions out, to balance my thoughts and to see where I am stuck or what I am truly sitting on that I cannot let go.  Adele writes lyrics.  Some paint, some read, some run and some sleep.  everyone has a way to deal - consciously or subconsciously, our coping mechanisms are there to provide us with a sense of stability throughout tumult.

there was more than one broken heart in the Orpheum tonight.  There was also more than one mended heart, hearts in love and super-solos there to hear the soundtrack for power, independance and a little bit o'loss.  We all came together as we identify with what miss Adele had to say.  We all left being touched in different ways.  And we will all take the stories we heard back to our respectieve groups of friends, family, and other loved ones.  And, we will take pride in putting on '21' when its time to deal with things to find strength in our words and power.

my writing gets really powerful when im all emotional and stuff. perhaps an example to follow? oooooh maybe the journal entries would make for good songs that I could write for Adele's next album.......!!!! A work in progress, as usual!


xo j

blank canvases and hidden gems

arts and crafts night, robson style. starts off with a trip to Michael's for some canvases, paint, Mod Podge (oh yes, bringing it back 90s craft style, best believe it) and brushes.  I had every intention of splashing paint all over 6 canvases tonight - a flurry of words, colors, shapes, dots and swirls.  But in stopping once I got home, and looking at my space, and the years of confusion around how I have been trying to define what my space means to me, and how I want it to communicate a feeling, thought, expereience or other to those who visit, I came to a lovely realization: make it what you want it to be and take comfort in the fact that you can paint over, and over, and over again, if something you splash on the canvas doesn't work for you anymore.

in some ways, i'm an old school girl - i see a comittment as permanency, see choices as a ball and chain, locking you to a fate with those decisions for ever more.  I am shifting that thinking, day by day, to see each choice as a step, or a layer of paint.  Slowly, with intnetion, I am building my own staircase, painting my own masterpiece, towards my ideal life.  There may be some slanted stairs in there that might branch off to other hidden pathways, or some layers of paint that I create that need covering up and movement faster than others, but it's all a progression.  It's try it out, try it on, tade it in. Or run with it, make it epic, and make moves from there.

We are at the steering wheel of our own futures.  The choices we make are ours and ours alone.  Each step we take today builds our moementum, gives us a chance to see, do and try, and is ultimately putting tools in our toolboxes for the next stair, the next layer, and the next choice.

I choose to learn, grow and develop every day.  I choose to be inspired by passion, to surround myself with people living lives they love, and to constantly be in a place of wonderment with life.

and i choose to paint. layers, and layers and layers.

what do YOU choose?

xo j

a lotta local love

sunday mornings were meant for this. a three block stroll to a farmer's market where you meet the farmers.  i'm talking dirt under the fingernails gals and guys.  the people that I so desperately want to be one day (although probably on a back-yard 'look what i grew!' scale) chatting freshness, best places for crops to thrive, and flavor, flavor, flavor.

a beautiful sunny and clear sky (thank you very kindly, miss mother nature) provided an impressive backdrop for the market and a Picnic In The Park event that was just building momentum, with the crowds building in density minute by minute.  Honestly, my 'fight or flight' senses did take over at one point, with my sense of urgency nagging away, telling me to get moving, get the best deals and the best looking heirloom tomatoes.  why let somone else have the nicest and ripest Green Zebras? but, in enjoying the scene and in being in a light coversation about weekend shenanigans with my mum (hi mum!) whilst milling through the crowds, i settled into my most favorite, long needed and so loved feeling: the sense of belonging in a community and contributing to the creation of something amazing for a group of people.  on today's great-creation menu: awareness about local producers and the fantastic nature of what they create and in turn share with us.

people being together, in the sheer splendor of finding beauty in the experience of eating and sharing social events with the direct providers of the 'meat to the table' (straight up, there was a for real rancher and butcher there today....) builds a beautiful story to the meals we all were separating to concoct.  while I might not have made a new friend today, or might not have had friends over for dinner tonight to share my market story, best believe I have already shared the most flavorful blueberries with a friend, shared the glory that are the green beans who made it home with me, and will be showing off those Green Zebras this week at the office when i slice them up for lunch.  the value in purchasing your produce face to face from the farmer is priceless.

and the stories are endless.

xo j


a rock in the bucket

i know my bucket list is not published for anyone to see.  truthfully, its not actually in written, tangible form for anyone to read.  it's a flurry of words, thoughts, ideas, dreams and BHAGs that fly around inside my blonde head, tempting me to get out of my routine and try something new, or get out of town for the wekeend to see or do something that I haven't seen or done before.  There are people I will meet by getting out and involving myself with organizations that do epic s**t internationally, experiences that i will have with my friends and loved ones, and yes, the occasional pair of insanely beautiful shoes that make a lady feel oh so special.  and, there are artistic experiences that i will be a part of that will redfine my love of music and visual art that complete the slowly forming list that will be known as my 'bucket list' (working on the name.....!) tonight, there is a big old stone in the bucket that has a permanent smile on my face.

whistler.  olympic plaza.  two microphones, one bongo drum and an acoustic guitar, Toko Rivera and Jason Mraz.  open air, beautiful evening, inspiring company.

while i wasn't crying (my eyes were watering from the wind, i swear!), my heart was singing as I saw one of my favorite artists perform one of the most well done sets i have ever heard, and got to experience it within the beauty of nature and the openness and acceptance of every individual there. amazing awesomeness.

mr a-z himself had a couple gems of wisdom that polished the beauteous stone that now sits in my bucket. not only did his guitar read 'be love', but his insight into how we show up with the statement 'how we do anything is how we do everything' was an added shot of conceptual-grooviness to leave tinkering away in your brain as you walked off into the windy whistler evening. i had no words, other than the lyrics of my fave songs, belted out without inhibition.  i died.

gratitude cafe. thank you for such an amazing evening.  whistler presents gets some serious props for putting that rock in mt bucket.  also, a clear sea to sky highway and a full service chevron gas station assisted in this happening.  and matt corker. for being bold in his goals and having connectors who follow you tell you about opportunities to help you smash your BHAGs.

good night.  great choices. a-w-e-s-o-m-e

xo j

post production beach bums

I have always identified being in a career as being in early to the office, pounding out the hours, chat around the water cooler, jump into and out of meetings, and stay working well into the evening before running home to cook a dinner, repack your life into two to three bags for the next day, then off to bed for another round of the same.  five days a week.  52 weeks a year. however many years you choose (or your bank account tells you to).  evenings weren't so much for shenangians like lolly-gagging on the beach with a frisbee, taking in the evening sun - but for catching up on what was missed in your emails that day. a bleak outlook, i know.

considering life as a 'career woman' today, with the company that I so ECSTATICALLY find myself working for, looks so very, very different from my long term idea of what it meant to be in a career.  a very good different, let me be clear.  I actually only recently shifted my thinking to look at the work that I do daily to be my career and my career path.  the 'C' word always had some taboo, negative, 'nose to the grind' type connotation behind it that i definitely shyed away from wanting to identify with.  i was much more comfortable knowing that i was doing work that i loved for a company that i was passionate about, and sat in that place of contribution and dedication without definition.

who knew you could have both?!?

in realizing that loving what you do in all aspects of your life (personal, health, professional) creates a life you love, and in fully being expressed in each of those aspects of what makes you YOU, you become a complete, authentic and fully engaged representation of your happiest, most loving self, and find opportunities for success left, right, and center.  they can be right under your nose waiting for you to realize your potential for happiness...... so open your heart to open your eyes, and grasp what's in front of you!

i spent my post production (apres work, if you will) hours relaxing on kits beach people watching, taking in the activity of the night, and celebrating the athleticism that is Kitsilano (open water swimming trainers, you rock my world!).  I knew I had put in a productive day, and that the chance to find that balance, grab some vitamin D, and really take in my love for my environment would up my happy factor.  All good reasons to close down the work station and leave those emails for tomorrow :)

own your love of life, share it with the ones you love, and celebrate often!

xo j