Grow With Me

the time i followed my ticker and hit the reset button.

I experienced a big (read: massive) life transition just over three years ago. A new city, solo status and wide open social calendar was my reality as I was welcomed into a pretty badass community. With like minded people surrounding me and opporunity a'plenty to get to know Vancouver on a whole new level, my once empty calendar was quickly jam-packed with coffee dates, workout plans and networking events. On a mission to 'do more' I layered on the commitments - what I can now identify as my 'feel less' tactic. The 'do more' turned into 'be more', 'connect more', 'write more', 'date more' - among others - which created some pretty gnarly 'less' activity. 'Sleep less' was a big one, with 'dance less' following close behind. My pursuit of stuffing what I was feeling by adding on more 'things' to life disconnected me from what mattered the most; my friends near and far, my family and most importantly, myself. Yet, while hindsight is 20/20, in the moment,'more' felt like the right and the only thing to do.

I was looking - searching - for an answer to what else I could be doing that would fill the empty feeling that I had  through long days of impactful work with fantastic people. All signs pointed to being in the best place possible to learn and grow a career with heaps of potential - yet I looked at myself with disappointment and frustration. How the heck could it be that by having such a full life I felt so empty? My 'more' mentality kept me moving forward, asking for bigger projects and expanding my working days well beyond the norm of the nine-to-five. And then, May 2013 rolled around.

May was a month of #wishbombs. June was a month of adventure; where Iceland was not only an uncharted travel experience but also a first taste of doing less and experiencing more. July was a tipping point where 'more' met 'enough'. August was a month of boldness; admitting that life wasn't working and making the claim that it was worth changing something; and resigning from a job that had supported me through three career changes in three years and never stopped believing in me or my potential. And it was bold to not know what I was going to do next. All I knew is that I was following my heart and getting back in touch with a part of me that I had quieted too many years before.

My last day at work, October 5, came around uncharcteristically fast; and with it, a day that I thought would be marked by tears, apologies, promises and yes, a red carpet and a marching band wishing me well into the next chapter of life. Much like every other Saturday this year, it came and passed without event. No pomp and circumstance, no red carpet, no marching band. Most suprisingly, no remorse and no regret. Let's be honest - there was fear coursing through every vein in my body and a sense of 'what now?' that I couldn't ignore. AND, I felt complete, in every sense of the word.

Now, I'm finding my happy. I'm creating and connecting. I'm writing, sharing, playing in new career opportunities and listening to heaps of really good music. My days are experiments in working some, playing some, drinking too much coffee and getting some time for me. And it's a fine balance - always trying to do what's needed in the moment and know when I'm going into 'more' over drive. Which doesn't come easy, but I'm learning.

So, here goes. I'm re-meeting myself. I'm getting to know the real Me and letting that whiskey-loving, Jess-of-all-trades, Americano junkie out. I'm writing. I'm storytelling about people that I think are interesting. And I'm learning along the way. Lots. Stay tuned for tales of travel, trials, tribulations, celebrations - you get it. There's more to come, always with a side of something to make you go 'hmmm.' Enjoy the ride.

life lessons through getting bendy and salt-water fests.

Iceland was just a chip off the very top of a deep iceberg this past July. I went to the country of contradictions to explore  my roots and spend time on the mat. Reality: it was so much more. It was about connecting to a new community, to the people in the room and to our yoga practice through the elements. That brief experience was a catalyst for overdue reflection and is what sparked a phone call to register for another yoga experience - paralleled in 'why I'm going' intentions yet unmatched by any learning experience I've cannon-balled into to date. Yep, THAT big, that ripple-inducing. THAT good.

This time around it was Teacher Training with Ryan Leier at One Yoga for the People in Vancouver (no jet setting this time). With intentions of getting really good at handstands and discovering more about yoga philosophy, I was amazed to find how much I wound up learning from a most unexpected teacher - me. While I had some friends let me know the amount of reflection and 'you' work involved in the training process, I was brought me to my knees faster than you can say 'savasana'. Albeit an intense subject - facing your demons and all that business - the week was positively positive. Ultimately I walked away from the training feeling lighter, more mentally clear and with a sense of self that I haven't felt in ages. The waterworks were matched with laughter a'plenty and high quality dance parties at the end of some of the longest (read: sweatiest) days we worked through. The fun factor was high amidst the salt-water extravaganza.

Yes, my ability to feel my way into the poses increased as we explored the anatomy of a posture. And, while ten days sans vino plus gnarly two-to-three hour practices cleansed me on a physical level, I'm moreso keen to share the top three things that were greeting me head on as we navigated this yoga-wonderland.

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the  barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi

1. I have been on the search for love for a long time. what I haven't been doing in that process is searching for what I needed to do to love me first and to let any kind of love in. To be a giver is an altruistic role to play - until it's at the expense of one's health or happiness. Or until it's a deflection tactic from getting real with oneself and owning up to some serious work needing to be done. Time to bust down some barriers, Jess.

"Change leads to disappointment if it is not sustained. Transformation is sustained change, and it is achieved through practice." - B.K.S. Iyengar.

2. Out with a disposable outlook - in with a sustainable one. Most importantly - a sustainable lifestyle. One that incorporates time for work, play, people, relationships, growth, groceries, shopping and sipping wine. With people I love. Oh, and phone calls, too.

"Practice Courage. Grow Roots. Get High. Truth Is. We Are One." - One Yoga creed.

3. I have alwasy connected to yoga for the physical benefits of the practice. Although it keeps me limber and tones me up, it's truly a tuning fork for my connection with myself and what I know to be true. What I learned this week is that yoga really is union - mind, body, self, others, higher beings. Whatever that means to each individual on their unique path.

More tales from the mat are to come....of this I am most positive. Oh, and keep your eyes out for this wandering yogi offering some commnity classes here and there as time wears on....

takin it back to vball at beav.

time travel with me - back to the days of high school volleyball games (yeah, THAT far back....). the sights and smells - ick - of the teams coming together to compete in sport. the energy of the space as the teams warm up and get ready to square off on the court. then, the teams launch into their cheers before taking their positions on the floor and settling into the first serve. but before that - a light din - a murmur almost - starts to tremble within those glowing white lines. it grows in volume and intensity - each player constantly throwing numbers, positions, encouragements, chirps and digs and continues ..... for three. whole. sets. all that noise - in the name of being the loudest one on the court.

guilty confession: i might have been that border-line-obnoxious literal cheer-leader that put the lungs behind the Lord Beaverbrook cheer each and every game. Yeah, i was THAT girl. and still am - trust me to drop an often times too loud 'heck yeah!' in some of the most inopportune times possible.

i digress.

i look to my high school athletic career and see why we were coached to be constantly talking - always, always talking. while in the moment i really did think that it had everything to do with psyching out the other team (which it often did) and was a way of calling out who we were covering on big swings, etc, i can see now how it was us, as a team, calling it like we saw it. we were functioning in the moment, creating clarity on where we all were and what we could all rely on one another for. we were using our voices to really make that floor work - and work it, we did.

our banter created workability in that setting - so i look to today and where i might be holding back in communicating and being more vocal - where i could be talking about what i am seeing and experiencing. and, while i don't want to be in a constant state of chatter, i know that there is heaps of learning that can take place through sharing what the is-ness is - in the moment.

we all process very differently. some out loud, some internally. we are introverts, and we are extroverts - and all recharge our batteries in different ways. i need to talk some things out. i know moreso now that i share to stay in the present and to surface those gross-ish feelings that are lead-indicators for requests, questions - all those things. and i'm good with that - especially seeing as it doesn't involve all the yelling and cheering and what not.

i ask a LOT of questions to hear how others are experiencing something. sometimes we need someone to ask.

i love me some reading

i get caught up in books like nothing else. if i am captivated by the content, get drawn into great character development or have a burning and passionate curiosity to learn about something, i can be that lost soul in Chapters/Barnes and Noble listlessly ambling along the aisles and plopped into corners thumbing through the latest releases or the most classic of classic novels. the book store is one of my happy places. what i have noticed as a product of my 'do everything august' this summer of 2012, is that i got super out of practice and nearly fell out of love with reading. sadly enough, i saw it more as an impediment to my schedule and less as a contribution to my best-jess-life. truth be told, i was only cracking the cover on books i 'wanted' to read on nights when i was struggling to fall asleep (which really was my fail-proof plan for making my eyelids slam shut). so, here, at the end of September, with a chill in the air and my wooly socks being withdrawn from the back of my sock drawer, i am hereby recommitting to reading - and doing so before i hit the sheets.

the first book i have thrown myself into: The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO - by Robin Sharma.

funny how we attract things to our lives when we need them the most - isn't it?

page by page in this novel of truthbomb novelties, there are multiple opportunities for the reader to reflect on themselves - on their life, their impact, their obesssions and their struggles. and reflecting, i am. the main character, Jack, sets out on an epic adventure to meet some of his estranged fathers' teachers. with the lessons of how to live wisely, love well and serve greatly before him, each teacher Jack encounters shares with him their own unique, yet somewhat related, ideas and insights. in not too many words, three seemingly simple (and i am only on his encounter with the surfer where he is discovering what it means to 'love well') thoughts are the foundation for so many opportunities of contemplation, consideration and connection to myself and my life. i'm plowing through the book - and am coming up for air to share the mind melting and forehead slapping 'duh! moments that i'm experiencing - more or less with anyone who will listen. so be prepared for more!

i'm back on the train. i'm in practice of what i know i need to do to be in my life - at the drivers' seat, on course to greatness. i've got a clear picture of where i am heading and at the same time, am flexible in how i get there.  that's the sense of adventure about life - in being ok with hopping off the freeway to check out a dirt road and see where it leads you.  it's all about the ride.

i'll part ways for today with this:

'For your life to be great, your faith must be bigger than your fears...' - Robin Sharma, The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO.

got a best-YOU-life practice? something that when you let it slide you miss it, and feel the need to reconnect? just like a bicycle - you haven't forgotten how to ride it. you just have to get back on the saddle and take the handlebars.

just frickin do it already

time to take some of my own coaching/prescribed 'passion-medicine'/really-great-sounding-when-i-give-the-idea-to-others advice that i haven't been trying on or living into for myself.  and that's to do it. IT. the things that make my heart jump, my skin prickle, sometimes make my toes curl and release none other than a southern styled 'ohhhhhhhh child!' in true form to an uber excited and ramped up jess robson. and do it for me.  because i choose to, and because it works for me and makes me feel strong. what are the 'IT's? great Q, oh curious ones.

1. WRITING. duh. have i been actively engaging my brain, heart and hands in this expressive and creative mode of engaging my passion pit? only a little.  and passion pits need LOTSA love to grow into the most sky-reaching, goal crushing engines of awesome.

2. SWEATING. active pursuit of fitness goals.  not making excuses of 'busy' and attaching myself too literally to emails that need to be hummed over and meeting invites that (honestly) can wait to be sent.  do i have specific goals around this?  honestly, not right now.  practicing commitment comes first.  Then the batty goals that involve eating steamed cauliflower out of glass jars and finding different sources of protein for 5 meals in a day materialize. oh yeah.

3. SPEAKING. being in front of others, presenting content, sharing knowledge, engaging in conversations that move processes forward, coaching to light bulb moments of 'holy s#!t!' and encouraging some ballsy goals to land on someone's goals sheet. being big, bigger, biggest in this arena and doing it because I AM READY NOW. #heckyes.

those are my top 3 ITs. the writing may open doors to the speaking, and the speaking may involve a sweat date (coaching conversations on the seawall - book me for one), and vice-versa-versa.  the interconnectedness of how life rolls through our passions and keeps us whole complete and balanced is kinda mind blowing.  i guess it's true: that 'when life works, everything works' - Chip Wilson.  brilliance.

do you have any ITs? things you know you do not out of obligation or others' requests - but that you are drawn to, that make you come alive, and that can bring you out of any rut/pit of despair/gloom-n-doom mood? share.  i'm keen to see what you do for you.

when cobblestone streets turn on light bulbs

as i ambled home this evening following a brisk jaunt around the seawall in downtown vancouver (thank you miss laurel richardson for the company and conversations!), i found myself negotiating the quaint cobblestone street on west 3rd avenue, contemplating whether to start making dinner and cleaning the house or to get rolling on laundry when i returned home (yes, happy dreary wednesday, vancouver).  when looking to cross arbutus, i paused briefly to allow a gleaming beacon of rain safety (read: cab) to roll through a stop sign and down the ominous, rain soaked hill.  ever so cautiously, i stepped into the street, nearly in front of an suv that i assumed had seen my obnoxiously green, yellow and white plaid (italicized for intentional emphasis) running jacket. wrong move.

had i not performed a slight stutter step, 'driver' would have flattened by plaid ass.

now, granted, it was nearly pouring.  street lights and loud outer wear should not excuse the near miss that occurred.  but, my lesson learned while walking away from that nearly fateful intersection was not about rain awareness and safe driving/crossing the street.  it's about consistency.

i didn't lash out.  i didn't kick his car, throw my used tupperware at his fender, or stand in the middle of the road stringing together colorful language in only partially sensical order.  i simply stopped, adjusted my approach to the intersection, and moved on when it was safe and clear to do so.  and, in walking away from that moment, i realized how a simple reminder of the importance of consistency fully grounded me in that instance.

yesterday evening, at a networking event put on by (thanks Jen, again, for hosting such a great session!), some of the speakers touched on what consistency means in our personal brands, and how to ensure that our representation remains uniform across all channels we connect through.  and, taking that conversation offline, that the why you show up and what you stand for in your face to face connections and how you interact with different environments (ie: cobble stone street near misses) ultimately speaks to that brand.

so, next time a freak out seems appropriate, i'll make sure i think twice.  i'll continue to ask myself 'if this was something in 'US Weekly', would my mom be proud of me?' or 'is this what i want to represent?'.  because freaking out in the middle of kitsilano could cost me some of that consistency.....and tupperware, depending on how far i end up throwing it.

back on the proverbial blog-horse. wait - is that still proverbial?

there have been long hours over the last month.  late (which, coincidentally, when i first wrote the word 'late' just there, i actually typed out 'kate', my sisters' name, who is MORE than top of mind for me right now ------ ahhhhh subconscious brain, how you never cease to amaze me .... but i digress) night dinners. early morning coffee treks to starbucks. crafts.  spreadsheets.  emails.  emails. emails. emails.

one of the most fun experiences in my professional career was also one of the most trying.  and, of course, in that space, a period of time over which i learned the most about me, my personal choice and its impact, and my leadership.  who knew that one month, two close colleagues and three nights of the littlest amount of sleep imaginable would lay such impactful groundwork for lovely life lessons.

here are some good take aways from October that I am taking forward into some goal setting, non-negotiable identification, and all around 'do this to stay functional' listings:

1.  more than just liking it, my body needs (maybe NEEDS is a more impactful way to communicate the brevity here) physical activity.  yes, the whole surgery-no-lifting-hey-dont-run-so-fast situation did play into the non-exercising thing  --- but here I am assuming that this whole month REALLY made this hit home.  and, my brain NEEDS yoga.  focus, focus, focus and intention.

2.  i need more sleep than i tell myself i do/force myself to get so i can experience as much of every day as humanly possible

3.  reading makes me smarter, more efficient, more interesting to talk to, and aids in my continual learning.  reading should NOT be used as a means of inducing a flash coma (read: sleep), and the contents of the book cannot be taken in through osmosis

4.  i like people.  i like talking to people, writing notes to people, meeting new people and catching up with old friends.  im happiest when i am around wicked people doing cool shtuff and living in the happiest state they can find themselves.  i dont like sitting at home solo every night.  it makes me not my best.

5. i miss my chats with my mum, sister, dad, grandma, cousins, best friends, long lost buddies, etc, etc, etc.  being out of touch with the people that know me best makes me feel a little lost.  and i run a LOUD racket about being wrong and a bad family member/friend when i dont give these relationships enough love.

these are a mere few, and looking reflectively, some of the most obvious points of who i am that i am overly identified with.  and, that in using the 'busy' excuse, and putting my happy-needs aside, are some of the fastest lessons to be forgotten/dropped/dismissed.

november poses the opportunity to reconnect with the puzzle pieces that have fallen under the couch.  that means more blogging, longer coffee dates with friends (enjoyable ones too - not just refueling) and more of them, runs, yoga dates, date dates, and weekend adventures.

lookout VanCity - jrob is back - and in search of a seriously cheeky holiday season.

stay tuned

xo jrob

confront me if i'm not asking for help

seen '28 days'? i was 'studying' last night and doing a bit of glancing at the tv while confirming my topical knowledge of all things Human Resources and at one point, Sandra Bullock is donned with a sign that reads 'confront me if....i'm not asking for help'.  hilarity ensued around the sign, help was given when not asked for, etc, and i quickly moved back to my notes. then, my trusty friend and conscience check got me talking over dinner tonight, and the vision of that sign came swimming back into view, this time with a different context.  i get asked often if i need support in anything, if there is anything on my work plate that my team can assist me with, and, as of late, have been given loads of uber helping hands in getting through day to day deeds while i am on the mend.  what came up for me in relation to 'help', is being comfortable in making requests of people - and not just from an assistance or support standpoint.  if i want something to happen, or if i envision something of greatness that i want to experience, share, or receive from someone, i need to open up the channel of communication and get talking about it.  i need to become comfortable with the fine art of requests.

it has become quite prevalent to me lately that while i know i am an independant individual (i might be almost too good at it), there are lots of things that i do well on my own, but do SO much better with the help of and joint experience with someone else.  and i want to share those times with someone else/others.  i just make myself wrong for making requests of people or sounding like i am inconveniencing anyone.  but what is inconveniencing about doing things for people you love, right? that's how i operate for others, at least.

in a perfect world, and without judgement of self or making myself wrong for wanting/needing things/support/out pourings of love, i would find myself telling others things that i would love to see happen every day in my life.

what things, you ask?

fresh flowers, for one.

i would ask for someone to come to my home and help me with spider issues (instead of running around my house in rain boots with oven mitts and a flip flop trying to take care of them on my own)

love notes and random letters

i would ask someone to go to the art gallery with me, even for 1/2 an hour before it closes


i will ask more people to experience life with me.  i will be more open with what i need from those i have relationships with, and more consistent with telling them how much i appreciate the things they do for me.  and, most importantly, i will share expectations i have of myself and of them, to be able to be clear and honest in a place of complete and total understanding.

and yes, i will continue to (work on knowing how to) ask for help.

xo j


new month!

holy heck, welcome to september!! the creative spark that put me up to the challenge of reconnecting with my passion for writing sent out an email the other day (to other inspired, creative and productive individuals that she had challenged with the same tempting feat of committing to taking on their passion for that something special that gets us all excited) to check in, check up, and rechallenge.  and not a challenge in a negative connotation where you feel you can say 'no', but a re-offering of giving yourself the space to connect with your creative side, and keep up with the projects we had all set out to work on, work through and develop through the month of August.

and thank you, miss laurel, for doing so, as i was more than starting to make excuses and let larry the ego (im pretty sure thats the name we landed on for him......) tell me that i needed time to find a purpose to write something - that the value was falling out of what i was writing about, and that the things that have been going on in my personal life took precedence, and were not to be used as insight or content for my online voice and what i want to share.  i became convinced that compartmentalizing was the only way to make an impact.  which truly is silly and goes against the way i live day to day. 

helloooooooo inauthenticity.

work, personal life, health, all go hand in hand.  while perhaps the content does not always flow from one part of my life to another, who i choose to show up as, how i represent myself and the principles that i operate under are constants. non-negotiable.  i am a coach and mentor who shares openly to create space for the development of authentic relationships. i am a loving friend and family member who is a constant and clear stand for the happiness and wellbeing of others.  i choose my attitude and who i am going to be for others each and every day.

THUS: i choose to take on this project for september without excuse, complaint or ego.  just doing it because i love writing, i love sharing, and i love relatedness.

and i love love.

just sayin'

xo j

life lines

diving into relationships from the far and more recent past is always a fun excursion.  the newer relationships that you take the time to look back on are full of fresh memories - you share recent accomplishments, awkwardness, local awesomenessa dn day to day shenanigans.  all beautiful things to share, and are the foundation for future, DMC (deep meaningful conversations.....i shortened it) based memories that end up shaping epic, life long friendships, work-relationships and romantical relates as well.  then you look at the relationships that had their topical beginngs years ago - that have had years to become those epic relationships where neither time nor distance nor connectivity change the fact that they know you better than anyone.  these are life lines.  

spending time in your home town, randomly reconnecting with old friends because 'something told you to get in touch with them', or mentioning a name in passing that sparks a memory with another, all these are opportunities in revisitng old school memories with the coolest friends in your book.  the ones that know you best.


its honestly amazing to see how life events bring people together, back together, together again, creating space for the estranged to become identified once again.  how good it feels to find that person again, waiting for your update, seeming to have been waiting for you to pick up the phone and chat like you just saw eachother yesterday.  and how much better does it feel to reconnect in situations where you get to show them your stand for your relationship, be an authentic representation of not only yourself but also your friendship, and to be able to share how that person has impacted your life over the years - through inspiration, dedication, honesty, integrity, and so many other things.  great is a friendship where you never stop learning about the other party - where time only makes you more curious, more engaged, and increasingly in awe of the other.


i learned much about myself and some of my closest friends this weekend. much about how i have shown up for others, and the impact on their lives that my choices have made. cool was the chance to share, to talk, to laugh and cry together.  thank you for a beautiful weekend of learning, ladies of the south cowtown people-ship.  we have some serious specialness going on in our lives because of one another.  a lot of beans in a pot of awesome-broth.  just saying.

every day im reconnecting!!

xo j

be it to share it

it seems that the concept of sharing ourselves is coming up time and time again in conversation - and in sharing ourselves i am speaking in regards to being able to coach others on a life event, a change, or a new concept from a place of personal experience.  being open to learning has allowed me to experience things in my personal development, listen from a place of wonder and curiosity when new concepts are introduced into my environment, interpret my feelings and concerns about what comes up inherently, and to be able to articulate the recognition process i experienced to others. taking myself on hasn't been the easiest journey, as there is so much personal responsibility that i have had to accept and assign to myself when it is so much easier to point a finger and expect others to do things for you.  but, in taking that step back, looking at the choices that i make, and then looking at who i have been and how i have represented my true self in those actions have been the biggest learnings.

recognition of personal choice is the root of being able to accept personal responsibility in each and every minute of each and every day.  and, in going through the work to identify with what it means in your specific space to accept and own that responsibility and your action of choice, we learn to be, and thus we share.  my biggest wins when coaching others, chatting possibility and really looking at the biggest, most audacious visions and goals have come just following times when i have been through great coaching, have put myself through some big possibility talks, and have created and been open to big old hairy audacious goal setting and vision work myself.

authentic conversations have been my key to success, and an open point of sharing and communication.  i'm still learning to articulate fully to be completely expressed - an ongoing journey indeed.

sharing is caring, don't forget.

xo j

challenging challenges

i heart the grind. i love the crisp mornings, the deep burn of the 2.9 km worth of uneven stairs, and the sweet reward of a hot coffee treat when you summit.  there is the mental work of getting over the sheer insanity of what you are doing, and the chance to be with yourself and sort out what's mulling through your head, create some to do lists for the day, and settle some scores with your ego about what you can (and some days, cannot!) challenge your body with each and every day.

physical challenge of this week:  Grind it out monday to friday

mental challenge of this week: take on life's mystifying nuances and let them push you UP the mountain, and not let them keep you in bed as your alarm clock rings after hitting sleep 6 or more times

creating a physical challenge has given me the space this week to face my mental challenges, get present to what is really coming up within those new, different and tough spaces and find comfort in each and every step/feeling/realization.  while i can be the strong leader of the grind some days, there are others where i need to be inspired to keep moving - to have someone pull me up the mountain with them.  much like i can be a leader in my personal relationships, and be of continual service to others' needs, there is just as much value in allowing myself to find comfort in being supported, to be ok with asking for help, and to sit with emotions that come up and let them fully work their magic on my personal healing.

i am learning to find that space.  to give to wholly to others when they need to be supported, and to give it to myself when i need to step back and let myself be whatever it is that my head and heart decide is right in that moment.  and learning to really live in that moment.  every day.

good choices, friends.

xo j

coming at you - fast and hard

DEVELOPMENT BONG! like a beer bong that you would craft out of supplies from Home Depot, but replace a cardonated barley-hops-sugar-water concoction with words of inspiration, questions why, concepts, feelings and emotions, coupled with values and new pieces of culture, culture, culture, and you've got immersion into a new corporate culture delivered via the DEVELOPMENT BONG!


conversations that have started in my world as of late have been inspiring, interesting, engaging and exciting! with so much changing within our corporate world, our personal lives and our relationships, SO many questions have been asked, emotions have been brought to the surface, and inquiries have been investigated and approached with open arms - this amount of awareness and recognition for what is facing us as opportunities and in looking at where we have been in celebration, in short bursts, is the content of the D-BONG.  It hits you hard, catches you off guard, but is something that people get SO flippin excited about that they cannot help but lead you down the funnel and shoot you into the world with thoughts, concepts and feedback splashed all over your t-shirt.


having a tough conversation? someone asking big questions that get you so excited for the potential of the conversation and the possibility at hand?  grab your most confident smile, open the space for candor and feedback, and crack open the development - then throw it down the bong and get the ideas rolling!  the receiver will maybe be caught off guard by how much they have to offer or how they are showing up, but the chance to share openly and have the feedback land with love and respect makes for some EPIC conversations.

and chugging skills.

xo j

blank canvases and hidden gems

arts and crafts night, robson style. starts off with a trip to Michael's for some canvases, paint, Mod Podge (oh yes, bringing it back 90s craft style, best believe it) and brushes.  I had every intention of splashing paint all over 6 canvases tonight - a flurry of words, colors, shapes, dots and swirls.  But in stopping once I got home, and looking at my space, and the years of confusion around how I have been trying to define what my space means to me, and how I want it to communicate a feeling, thought, expereience or other to those who visit, I came to a lovely realization: make it what you want it to be and take comfort in the fact that you can paint over, and over, and over again, if something you splash on the canvas doesn't work for you anymore.

in some ways, i'm an old school girl - i see a comittment as permanency, see choices as a ball and chain, locking you to a fate with those decisions for ever more.  I am shifting that thinking, day by day, to see each choice as a step, or a layer of paint.  Slowly, with intnetion, I am building my own staircase, painting my own masterpiece, towards my ideal life.  There may be some slanted stairs in there that might branch off to other hidden pathways, or some layers of paint that I create that need covering up and movement faster than others, but it's all a progression.  It's try it out, try it on, tade it in. Or run with it, make it epic, and make moves from there.

We are at the steering wheel of our own futures.  The choices we make are ours and ours alone.  Each step we take today builds our moementum, gives us a chance to see, do and try, and is ultimately putting tools in our toolboxes for the next stair, the next layer, and the next choice.

I choose to learn, grow and develop every day.  I choose to be inspired by passion, to surround myself with people living lives they love, and to constantly be in a place of wonderment with life.

and i choose to paint. layers, and layers and layers.

what do YOU choose?

xo j