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Jess-of-all-trades, at your service. I've shared it before, but as a piece of insight into my business, I spent the first year of my freelance career saying 'yes' to a LOT of different projects - often billing myself as a 'multi-tool'. 

Among many things, what that year taught me is that while I have the capacity and ability to learn loads of skills, trades, programs, etc. and put them to use, I have a fine-tuned skill, expertise and gift that I need to share with and provide to clients to make their lives easier; to value THEIR time and their genius while valuing and honing mine. 

The gem in that little learning has been THE most pivotal lesson I needed to learn;

that while I CAN, it doesn’t mean I SHOULD.

And, how massively important it is for all of us—entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, startup founders (et al)—to get this little lesson too.

Why I Just Need To Write (and stop 'shoulding' all the time)

Doing things because I thought I 'should' slowed me down. And, slowed down my clients. Acting and working from a self-imposed sense of obligation made me miserable in one way or another, ate into my own satisfaction with the work I was doing and cut down my confidence. 

My first step in getting out of the 'yes to everything' habit was acknowledging that I was ‘should-ing all over myself’ (pardon the pun); making myself responsible for taking on work because I could. Then, the real work in seeing a change came in. It took slowing down to see where I was saying yes to a project because I felt I should, versus because I was inspired by the client, it was in my Zone of Genius (aka: writing) and that I had the time to take it on (basic, but often overlooked in my world).

What shifted? A couple things. 

  1. I started powerfully referring prospective clients out to creative folk who I knew would do an A+ job on their project. Sharing is caring - and referring business across to friends is probably my favourite thing to empower and elevate their business.
  2. I started asking (and paying) for help. Web design, photography, some other crafty handiwork, art for my home…everything. I let go of 'doing it myself', got past my frustration of never completing my own projects and started appreciating seeing others work in their zone of genius. The speed, ease, diversity of talent and liberation I feel is 100% worth every ounce of investment I’ve made along the way. 

Seeing the value in doing the work that I am supposed to do and empowering others to be in THEIR best work has created HUGE shifts in my happiness, productivity and satisfaction - and that of my clients, collaborators and vendors, too.

The Meat Of The Matter

And thus, the roundabout way of me getting to the point of why, my friends, when you’re launching a website, building a communication plan, creating a social media campaign—anywhere that words show up—you need to hire a copywriter.

Yes, you can write your own copy. And I absolutely hear you that you probably even want to - and huge props for that. Yet the question remains: should you?

This is just a sound-bite of non-stop commentary I hear friends and clients in when it comes to writing about themselves or their business:

  • “Man, it’s hard to put yourself into words."
  • “I get a sentence on paper and walk away - I look for any distraction other than having to write about myself or my business."
  • “I keep running around the same idea and can’t seem to find the right words for it."
  • “When I write, it doesn’t sound like me."
  • “Spelling is hard.”

Forcing out copy about your business can be time consuming, energy consuming, frustrating…you get where I am going. Engaging a copywriter at any stage in your writing process can—and does—drastically shift the experience around all things word-related. Even if it's for a quick spell check.

More Than Just Wordsmithery

Copywriters are IDEA GENERATORS. More than simply putting words onto paper, copywriters’ work revolves around ideas - BIG ideas; having them, honing them, defining them, refining them.

Copywriters are ARCHAEOLOGISTS. More than taking words verbatim and popping them in some kind of ‘sensical’ order, copywriters synthesize, distill, and design a message - an experience. We’re excavators, miners - always looking for where the golden nugget lies in a business’s unique offering, their value proposition, their people…all of it. We dig in and dig deep.

Copywriters are STORYTELLERS. Without labelling the trade, there’s an element of storytelling that exists in every piece of writing. Pros get that there’s a flow that needs to be present to take people through the information within - there’s a story arc to everything. Even a website.

Copywriters are STRATEGISTS. Copywriters look at the big picture of where the business is going to determine how to serve its future goals today. Be that through a one time campaign, an ongoing communications plan, a website, a solo sales page; we see the big picture and work to serve where the business heading with impactful, memorable words. 

Copywriters are PROCESS PROFESSIONALS. Timelines, deliverables, feedback and edits are all elements of what you can anticipate when working with a copywriter. Plus, communication throughout is key - to make sure YOU as the client know what’s up at any one point, to take in more information and insights and to ensure creativity and work keeps flowing. Timeliness and delivery, consistency and communication. Check x4.

And copywriters write. All day. It’s our Zone of Genius.

It’s where we create ease in communication, expand ideas, and help clients to hear themselves; in their own language and their own expression, giving a heartbeat to their business.


I'll say it again: yes, you can do your own writing.

AND...for the sake of trying something new, take a second and look beyond the thought of 'can'. Look at your business, your priorities, your timelines; take in the whole picture.

Then consider a new question:

Can you consider letting go of should, and give a pro a go at breathing some language-life into your next word-based-project? 

Just say YES.


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