these three things

with a week of 'whoa' behind me, and another one shaping up ever-so-fully (and it's only Tuesday for pete's sake), i'm quickly realizing the importance of finding sweet pauses in as many moments as humanly possible.

conscious moments to slow down, experience the goings on, and find some flippin' joy to embrace between the emails, phone calls, yoga classes and cups of coffee.

life has been moving foward with a wild and unconstrained speed and momentum. and, it's that speed and momentum that's been making big time and mind blowing goodness happen. it's also that momentum that can make me forget about the sweet moments of pause and the conscious acknowledgement i need the most to stay, 

I was reminded last week, by somone who never lost who they were - ever - of three things. three things to drop out of the doing and into the being. three things that remind me to express myself, get real, get vulnerable and have some effing fun. because really, it's all about joy - light, lovely, playful joy.

these are them three things:

  • be unabashedly YOU. embrace the unique bits about you that no one else does the way that you do. leopard print, sequins, rhinestones. all of it. do MORE of you. more often.
  • love. love big, love hard. unconditionally. [ tip: get yo'self some rose quartz - that's one powerful love-manifester, friends ]
  • celebrate. because bubbles are necessary, even on Tuesdays at 2:00pm. bring in more joy, bring in more hip-hooray. toot your own horn [ especially if you're a non-tooter like this cat ]

i'm going to write without capital letters when it suits me. i'm going to say maybe too much sometimes and overshare and then maybe put my foot in my mouth but not take it back. i'm going to put my heart on my sleeve and open myself to how love could show up. and I am going to celebrate - with bubbles, great people, great food and in great places. maybe, yes, one of those great places will be at my dining room table while on a conference call with some of the most fantastic human beings on the globe. but heck - a celebration is a celebration.

that's what you can expect from me.

how are you going to be you, love big and throw some confetti?