on putting my neck out there in the name of words.

the month of may, 2013, was a doozy. it wasn't a month of big break ups or epic dates, dramatic goings on or significant tangible changes in life. it was a month where two subtle conversations blew my mind and broke my heart open. it was a month where i figured out that i was completely lost - in words.

i had spent years trying on ways of speaking that weren't mine. living into languages that connected me to businesses, other people, new groups of friends - heck, the Spice Girls, for pete's sake. and, while being adaptable and learning to speak words that got me 'in' served me well and allowed me to excel, i was slowly but surely losing myself in a whole lotta language.

it took one sweet friend and one realy willing dad to help me hear myself; to help me hear that i had lost my words - the words that make me - me (cusses and all).

flash forward to today. turns out that this exact phenomenon is what my freelance journey is. it's been about helping others hear themselves and then helping them create their messaging from there. whether it's website copy or training manuals or print assets or tweets - however a piece of communication shows up, a brand (or a person) comes to life through how it rocks its own language - its own dictionary.

so because sharing is caring, i'm taking this wordy journey outta the freelance world and into a workshop. thanks to a gentle nudge and an open invitation for some community space, i'm stepping into my facilitator shoes and bringing be h(you)man to life. it's a 90 minute creative chat sesh that's all about words: ones we use, ones we've lost and ones we're really ready to get back.

there's more details here (thank goodness for Facebook events, right?) and i would LOVE it if you were there. on the 20th. with me. and 15 other friends keen to look at what comes outta their mouths.

your words matter. your ideas make a difference. speaking them like only you can is what can create change in the world.

so drop the robot schtick - and get your words back.

infuse them with soul. bring them to life. be real. be h(you)man.