when it hits you over the head.....

....you say 'what up, universe?' and take a long swig of the life lesson you're being served up.

'IT' in this case, is one of those life lessons that is 100% undeniably what one is meant to be hearing at a certain (and often shifting) point in life. in my experience, it looks like this

  • experience some kind of sticky bit in life that's giving you a case of the 'icks'
  • understand the root of the 'ick' and start looking to move through it and 'find the lesson'
  • hear the learning through a mentor, friend, family member, teacher, etc
  • hear the lesson again 
  • and again
  • and again
  • ..................and again

it's a cosmic universal reminder to listen. and listen good. because we attract what we are looking for - sometimes before we know what's needed. sneaky, that universe thing....

case and point: after making my life hard for myself for the past month or so, i had a particularly eye opening address from the universe at large as to what it means to be and 'do' you. and, how important it is to know what that 'me' really is - to be rooted in my 'why' so I remember what it is that i'm up to and why i choose the stuff that i do. it took one explosive phone call (sorry mum), a couch session, two magazine articles (thank you Lizzy Goodman and Zoe Pawlak) and a dose of reflecting on last years' blog to hear it. and, get it i do.

i just have to keep on being me - because that's what's gotten me where i am and keeps me on track for where i want to go. 'nuff said.

I am no special expert, I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein 

curious cat for life. 

xo jrob