the mouse, a break up and some sushi

i have an impressive laundry list of epic tales that involve the BC Ferries. their monopoly on mass transportation to and from Vancouver Island requires my interacting with their services on the regular (all for you, momma robson) which, coincidently, has resulted in the most exceptionally strange, lengthy and sometimes straight up shocking circumstances to play out. one such crossing was this weekend and while my usual act would be to lament to an extent around the drama of it all, some recent lessons in being in the moment and scanning life's interactions for what i can learn from each and every moment encouraged my patience in each awkward second of the adventure. i have labelled it: the friday of tolerance.

it took sitting through an hour's wait at a bus loop (due to poor planning on my part), having a young dude's pet mouse (yes) placed on my shoulder while riding said bus to the ferry terminal, witnessing not one but two domestic disputes while aboard the boat'o'life-lessons (one resulted in a break up - talk about an uncomfortable car ride into the city!) AND coming to terms with my poorly made dinner selection of 'sushi garden' (read: uber slippery california rolls that ended up moreso on the floor than in my belly) for me to figure out what this trip really had in store for me...which was an opportunity to practice what i preach - and truly BE with that experience.  in being in the moment, i landed that tolerance is exactly what i needed - and ooooh child i needed it a lot.

a quick stop - pause to associate oneself with what is going on and how it is a reflection of the lessons most needed to be learned is a practice indeed.  it's a practice of being ok with needing to learn 0 which normally means acknowleding our vulnerability and imperfection.  it's life's sticky spots, the muddy bits, our failures, from which we learn the most about ourselves.  there's a blessing in the bogus-ness. self inquiry is a journey and a half - for real.

your current reality is nothing more than a complete reflection of the lessons you most need to learn - Robin Sharma

AND, may it be said, that lessons of tolerance do NOT require a confined space and a pet mouse. just saying.