wanna hang? write me a limerick

there once was a blondie named jess whose top-knots were seen as the best

she decided to date

limericks you must create

to get her attention it wasnt seen as a jest


ever challenged someone to something obscure that you didn't think they would do...and then they did it? and then more people took on the same challenge - only prompted by your 'do it now' sense of direction in your request? ( i could give SOOOOO much context here, however where would all the mystery be when my book comes out, down the line?)

i learned this week that if you are looking for someone to take a certain action, you have to put a stake in the ground for what you want to see happen. obscure, or not.  without a clear idea of what is wanted/needed/requested, there isn't a call to action - thus zero performance and no results.

make the ask - create the call - and watch the reults roll in

(and if they roll in shaped like a well formed poetic-project, all the better)