its time to choose

life's pretty good at throwing curve balls. curve balls that affect you directly and you swing like you're ready for them, but they duck past and leave you standing at home plate. sometimes its not even you that's at the mound. sometimes it's the people you love and respect the most - that you would rally behind to get a homerun - that are left standing. it's the times that my 'teammates' are left at home plate that i look to who i can be for them and how we can move forward together. and in those moments, i remember how my choice around how i live my day to day life is what can support me in making those moments, and every moment in life, count. i often ask myself: if i look back at today, can i say that i lived outside the box, chose my best life, stood for quality and left others feeling inspired?

because THAT is the goal. to leave a day to day legacy that impacts the people around me to be big...HUGE...and create their life, day to day. to choose themselves - make time for what is important, be with people that make them happy and shower themselves with L-O-V-E - so they can be their best self for those around them and propagate their greatness into the cells of everything and everyone around them and outward beyond that. outward to all humanity, even.

and, for people to know that if the day to day gets hard, if there are roadblocks, if things don't turn out 'the way they were planned', that they still have choice in the matter - that they can choose how they handle the sticky spots. grief is going to get at us. life is going to shift. and in it all, we get to be who we want to be. we choose. minute to minute.

we get to choose who we are for others. we get to choose how we want to handle our environment(s). we get to choose who we are for ourselves.

today, i'm choosing grace and faith in the face of an inexplicable happening. and that's today.

tomorrow will be tomorrow, and i will answer the question: what is it time to choose?

i'll ask you too - what's your moment to moment legacy? and, with that in mind, what is it time to choose?