just frickin do it already

time to take some of my own coaching/prescribed 'passion-medicine'/really-great-sounding-when-i-give-the-idea-to-others advice that i haven't been trying on or living into for myself.  and that's to do it. IT. the things that make my heart jump, my skin prickle, sometimes make my toes curl and release none other than a southern styled 'ohhhhhhhh child!' in true form to an uber excited and ramped up jess robson. and do it for me.  because i choose to, and because it works for me and makes me feel strong. what are the 'IT's? great Q, oh curious ones.

1. WRITING. duh. have i been actively engaging my brain, heart and hands in this expressive and creative mode of engaging my passion pit? only a little.  and passion pits need LOTSA love to grow into the most sky-reaching, goal crushing engines of awesome.

2. SWEATING. active pursuit of fitness goals.  not making excuses of 'busy' and attaching myself too literally to emails that need to be hummed over and meeting invites that (honestly) can wait to be sent.  do i have specific goals around this?  honestly, not right now.  practicing commitment comes first.  Then the batty goals that involve eating steamed cauliflower out of glass jars and finding different sources of protein for 5 meals in a day materialize. oh yeah.

3. SPEAKING. being in front of others, presenting content, sharing knowledge, engaging in conversations that move processes forward, coaching to light bulb moments of 'holy s#!t!' and encouraging some ballsy goals to land on someone's goals sheet. being big, bigger, biggest in this arena and doing it because I AM READY NOW. #heckyes.

those are my top 3 ITs. the writing may open doors to the speaking, and the speaking may involve a sweat date (coaching conversations on the seawall - book me for one), and vice-versa-versa.  the interconnectedness of how life rolls through our passions and keeps us whole complete and balanced is kinda mind blowing.  i guess it's true: that 'when life works, everything works' - Chip Wilson.  brilliance.

do you have any ITs? things you know you do not out of obligation or others' requests - but that you are drawn to, that make you come alive, and that can bring you out of any rut/pit of despair/gloom-n-doom mood? share.  i'm keen to see what you do for you.