being me

i've written probably 5 blog posts that have ended up sitting in my 'drafts' folder that have not made it to publish - they haven't felt quite right so i haven't been able to finish them.  

i spent time in a couple wrong post-secondary courses/departments that i took because they were the 'right thing to do'. im an achiever, ok?

i pushed, have been pushed, and continue to push myself to be more, do more, and so on.

i have been beautiful, amazing, life changing places and have met wicked cool people who are up to massive things - inspiring global change, being frickin rockstars in their own right and honing very intricate skills, taking leaps of faith and living in total and complete wonderment.

and i have been learning, loving, scoping, sensing, tasting, trying on (and taking off) different ways of being along my path to.

and today, more so than ever before, for no reason other than it's an awesome Thursday evening, i am me.  and i am here, in this moment, in my own right. being my own me, because that is exactly what and who i am.

who am i? (great question - i was hoping you would ask)

- im an endless well of energy and exuberance - i find things that i love about every minute of the day, and wish there were more of those minutes to keep that flow.

- i try to be a lot of things for a lot of people and can forget about 'the jess'.

- i run, i spin, i yoga, i dance.  sometimes i gym and lift weights.  sometimes i sit on the couch.  i listen to what my body says - even if it mentions that it could use some Ben & Jerrys (especially then, actually)

- im fired up about people - my passion is to see what makes others come alive - and to help them unlock that when maybe they can only see so far or so much of the infintessimal offering that they bring to others - those are some gooooood moments.

- i love love, and i love sharing in love. simply put.

- i really hate capital letters.

- i love the service/hospitality industry and will build/design/create spaces that facilitate the kind of open human interaction that can get missed in a drive through society - exceptional experiences with engaging interation? yes please.

- i am out to shift the world.  to enroll and engage people.  to bring a voice to a cause, a person, a place or a thing that maybe doesn't have one, doesn't know it has one, or cannot seem to find it/theirs.  there is greatness to be unleashed all around us - and giving someone or something the space to drop the 'should' or the 'it's the right thing to do's is the blow-your-socks-off kind of lightbulb moment that will spark movements.

it begins now, with sharing.  there's more to say, write, scribble on napkins, boldy state on walls and much much more.  but this blurb - a flash at my inner most loved aspects of 'jess' and the places where i truly play to my strengths - whoa.  that stuff puts a 'holy heck' flip into my stomach.  and not from fear - but from HELL YEAH. thats going to happen.  because that is me.  this is me.  now.