connector provider.

connector comes first provider comes second

i thought i was going to defy the odds of the most recent self-assessment i took, and was somehow going to be a 'provider provider' - as, historically, those who know 'hospitality jess' and 'im trying to have everyone love me so my needs can come last'-jess, i have been known to over-persue the happiness and well-being of the masses and put the needs of yours truly on hold.  by no means am i attempting to justify or claim saint status, friends.  merely identify that many choices in the past have been in service of others' best interest and in the spirit of convenience for friends and family.  its been an ongoing battle with my own ego that i am, in fact, good enough, qualified enough and worth enough to make choices.  and, that i am ultimately responsible for the ones that i do make.  however, thats perhaps another entry.  thus, i digress.

StandOut is an  online assessment brought to you by the Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC).  curious about how you show up in groups?  what your leadership edge is?  ideal careers?  this assessment is all that and more.  and, in being one of a lucky group of Vancouverites involved with one special conference mid-october, i had the opportunity to hear the backstory in the creation of this tool as well as the outward application of the work and the test.  and i liked what i saw.

i have always idolized connectors, and wanted to be seen as one too.  people are my passion.  whether its simply meeting new friends, reconnecting with old acquaintances, experiencing new cultures - i eat up every opportunity to meet/greet/see/experience/indulge/etc  people, old and new, friends and strangers.  and everything in between.  i have never accredited that love of meeting folks as anything other than an interest in personal stories and experiences.  and hadn't considered that interest as being the catalyst for bulding any 'name banks' or potential networks to connect myself or others to.  until recently (yes, when the test told me that was where my leadership strength was).

i had an insightful walk home from work recently, and fully 'got' the differentiating factors between what my strengths assess and then how my leadership shows up - and how they are complimentary, but serve different groups (self vs others) but are both reflective of who i am.  interesting, no?

im a glutton for learning.  and processes like this that are uber applicable to day to day personal and professional situations get me jazzed.  not only about my results, but the results of others.  the connector in me cannot get enough of knowing the people around me and who i could potentially hook them up with to make magic happen.

got any cool learning tools i should know about?  comment! do it now........or now works too. hee hee.

xo j