confront me if i'm not asking for help

seen '28 days'? i was 'studying' last night and doing a bit of glancing at the tv while confirming my topical knowledge of all things Human Resources and at one point, Sandra Bullock is donned with a sign that reads 'confront me if....i'm not asking for help'.  hilarity ensued around the sign, help was given when not asked for, etc, and i quickly moved back to my notes. then, my trusty friend and conscience check got me talking over dinner tonight, and the vision of that sign came swimming back into view, this time with a different context.  i get asked often if i need support in anything, if there is anything on my work plate that my team can assist me with, and, as of late, have been given loads of uber helping hands in getting through day to day deeds while i am on the mend.  what came up for me in relation to 'help', is being comfortable in making requests of people - and not just from an assistance or support standpoint.  if i want something to happen, or if i envision something of greatness that i want to experience, share, or receive from someone, i need to open up the channel of communication and get talking about it.  i need to become comfortable with the fine art of requests.

it has become quite prevalent to me lately that while i know i am an independant individual (i might be almost too good at it), there are lots of things that i do well on my own, but do SO much better with the help of and joint experience with someone else.  and i want to share those times with someone else/others.  i just make myself wrong for making requests of people or sounding like i am inconveniencing anyone.  but what is inconveniencing about doing things for people you love, right? that's how i operate for others, at least.

in a perfect world, and without judgement of self or making myself wrong for wanting/needing things/support/out pourings of love, i would find myself telling others things that i would love to see happen every day in my life.

what things, you ask?

fresh flowers, for one.

i would ask for someone to come to my home and help me with spider issues (instead of running around my house in rain boots with oven mitts and a flip flop trying to take care of them on my own)

love notes and random letters

i would ask someone to go to the art gallery with me, even for 1/2 an hour before it closes


i will ask more people to experience life with me.  i will be more open with what i need from those i have relationships with, and more consistent with telling them how much i appreciate the things they do for me.  and, most importantly, i will share expectations i have of myself and of them, to be able to be clear and honest in a place of complete and total understanding.

and yes, i will continue to (work on knowing how to) ask for help.

xo j