sit with this girdle

i am learning the lesson of patience, sitting quietly, truly listening to my body, and healing. and what it means to wear a girdle.

albeit, my reasoning for wearing said piece of much-outdated garmentry (its a word) is of medical purpose, not fashion.  in support (pardon the pun) of a successful and efficient recovery from a recent hernia repair surgery, the girdle is proving to be a lesson in many, many aspects of what i have come to identify as a fast paced, uber active lifestyle.

i have been forced to slow down not only how fast i walk (walk with purpose, i always say.) but how fast i speak (tight girdle and reduced lung capacity - plus stitches in your abdomen make you really aware of how deep you are breathing).  two pieces of my day to day life that i never looked at as in need of slowing down, regardless of the number of times i have been asked to repeat myself as i tend to fly through sentances.  and in wearing the girdle, and in binding myself in that one sense, i am really learning much in regards to how i can be of the same impact and create my same influence by taking that longer, intentional breath, speaking from a calm and non-rushed placed, and in moving about my day to day with awareness (due to having a LOT more time to look around and take in who and what i am experiencing without rushing by with my head down).

i am learning to ask for and accept help. and in doing so, can recognize that i am not wrong for needing it.  it just is what it is.

i am becoming comfortable with recognizing that i am tired.  and listening to that, shutting the computer, and getting into bed is going to get be further in 4 to 6 weeks than pushing through and feeling worse later.

i m having great conversations with friends and family, near and far, and am really feeling the love.

the girdle and the slower pace are teaching me much.  appreciation for what a strong core does for a body, in SO many senses, the importance of nurturing myself and my relationships with important people in my life, and an appreciation for a culture and era that values body and shape diversity, and doesnt force women into PAINFUL pieces of boning-and-binding undergarments every day. :)

i'll be out of it soon enough, but will let the lessons sink further than skin and girdle-deep.


xo j