life lines

diving into relationships from the far and more recent past is always a fun excursion.  the newer relationships that you take the time to look back on are full of fresh memories - you share recent accomplishments, awkwardness, local awesomenessa dn day to day shenanigans.  all beautiful things to share, and are the foundation for future, DMC (deep meaningful conversations.....i shortened it) based memories that end up shaping epic, life long friendships, work-relationships and romantical relates as well.  then you look at the relationships that had their topical beginngs years ago - that have had years to become those epic relationships where neither time nor distance nor connectivity change the fact that they know you better than anyone.  these are life lines.  

spending time in your home town, randomly reconnecting with old friends because 'something told you to get in touch with them', or mentioning a name in passing that sparks a memory with another, all these are opportunities in revisitng old school memories with the coolest friends in your book.  the ones that know you best.


its honestly amazing to see how life events bring people together, back together, together again, creating space for the estranged to become identified once again.  how good it feels to find that person again, waiting for your update, seeming to have been waiting for you to pick up the phone and chat like you just saw eachother yesterday.  and how much better does it feel to reconnect in situations where you get to show them your stand for your relationship, be an authentic representation of not only yourself but also your friendship, and to be able to share how that person has impacted your life over the years - through inspiration, dedication, honesty, integrity, and so many other things.  great is a friendship where you never stop learning about the other party - where time only makes you more curious, more engaged, and increasingly in awe of the other.


i learned much about myself and some of my closest friends this weekend. much about how i have shown up for others, and the impact on their lives that my choices have made. cool was the chance to share, to talk, to laugh and cry together.  thank you for a beautiful weekend of learning, ladies of the south cowtown people-ship.  we have some serious specialness going on in our lives because of one another.  a lot of beans in a pot of awesome-broth.  just saying.

every day im reconnecting!!

xo j