be it to share it

it seems that the concept of sharing ourselves is coming up time and time again in conversation - and in sharing ourselves i am speaking in regards to being able to coach others on a life event, a change, or a new concept from a place of personal experience.  being open to learning has allowed me to experience things in my personal development, listen from a place of wonder and curiosity when new concepts are introduced into my environment, interpret my feelings and concerns about what comes up inherently, and to be able to articulate the recognition process i experienced to others. taking myself on hasn't been the easiest journey, as there is so much personal responsibility that i have had to accept and assign to myself when it is so much easier to point a finger and expect others to do things for you.  but, in taking that step back, looking at the choices that i make, and then looking at who i have been and how i have represented my true self in those actions have been the biggest learnings.

recognition of personal choice is the root of being able to accept personal responsibility in each and every minute of each and every day.  and, in going through the work to identify with what it means in your specific space to accept and own that responsibility and your action of choice, we learn to be, and thus we share.  my biggest wins when coaching others, chatting possibility and really looking at the biggest, most audacious visions and goals have come just following times when i have been through great coaching, have put myself through some big possibility talks, and have created and been open to big old hairy audacious goal setting and vision work myself.

authentic conversations have been my key to success, and an open point of sharing and communication.  i'm still learning to articulate fully to be completely expressed - an ongoing journey indeed.

sharing is caring, don't forget.

xo j