challenging challenges

i heart the grind. i love the crisp mornings, the deep burn of the 2.9 km worth of uneven stairs, and the sweet reward of a hot coffee treat when you summit.  there is the mental work of getting over the sheer insanity of what you are doing, and the chance to be with yourself and sort out what's mulling through your head, create some to do lists for the day, and settle some scores with your ego about what you can (and some days, cannot!) challenge your body with each and every day.

physical challenge of this week:  Grind it out monday to friday

mental challenge of this week: take on life's mystifying nuances and let them push you UP the mountain, and not let them keep you in bed as your alarm clock rings after hitting sleep 6 or more times

creating a physical challenge has given me the space this week to face my mental challenges, get present to what is really coming up within those new, different and tough spaces and find comfort in each and every step/feeling/realization.  while i can be the strong leader of the grind some days, there are others where i need to be inspired to keep moving - to have someone pull me up the mountain with them.  much like i can be a leader in my personal relationships, and be of continual service to others' needs, there is just as much value in allowing myself to find comfort in being supported, to be ok with asking for help, and to sit with emotions that come up and let them fully work their magic on my personal healing.

i am learning to find that space.  to give to wholly to others when they need to be supported, and to give it to myself when i need to step back and let myself be whatever it is that my head and heart decide is right in that moment.  and learning to really live in that moment.  every day.

good choices, friends.

xo j