smell the roses, robson

i was given some feedback in the recent past that an opportunity that this person saw for me was to slow down, stop, and smell the roses.  take some time to look around,reconnect with the thigns about my immediate environment that i know and love, and stop throwing myself so far into tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.  being futuristic is one thing, worrying about the unknown is another! so, i slowed down, get reconnected and yes, spent time taking in the amazingness (it's a word) that is the Kits Beach area.  then, i made myself 'busy' again......and stopped looking. the whole concept of being happy in the moment and letting go of the need to know, the need to rush ahead, came to 100% grinding halt fruition this weekend.  on BC ferries.

i set myself up in a sunny patch on deck 7, the viewing deck, after walk-on boarding at the Tsawassen Terminal (and yes, I had been moving at a road runner's pace to get past all the tourists and get the 'best spot').  and, after settling in with my books, went straight into my studying without looking up....until the space started to fill and my space-monster started to feel threatened.

the deck was all of a sudden PACKED with people enjoying the sun, and moreso the view.  to me, it's open water, green foliage, and ridiculous houses speckled on the islands.  to the people experiencing it for the fist time, its something new, unique, and 'oh so west coast'.  i know my selfish 'this is my space' friend named Larry was cropping up, preventing me from experiencing the majesty of the crossing with these first-timers, and making them all wrong for being so excited about what they were seeing.  that is, until I more than just lifted my head to look around.  i took off the headphones, put away the books, moved out of the corner onto a bench, and ended up in conversation with a couple young families.

i love being on the water, in the water, and more or less just in the presence of something so seemingly calm but so obviously powerful.  I think the islands are beautfitul.  and I LOVE that the number of people who were so excited to experience the gloriousness that are the islands.  i just need to recognize that love that rings true to every day, every environment, and get my head ot of the proverbial books a little more often.

Jenny: get your head outta the books in TO and SEE the city.  Be there lady! CONGRATULATIONS and all the best in this new chapter of your life! YOU ROCK!

xo j