out of integrity, but honoring my word

a clearing:  my commitment was to blog once a day for the 31 days in august. my actions yesterday afernoon and evening placed me in the spot of deciding that I would 'just do it later'.

the result:  a later than planned evening at work, a short amount of time at home, and a later evening (early morning) home from a dear friend's birthday - all preamble to not completing a post for Friday, August 19, 2011.

sincere apologies.

however, i am honoring my word to the committment that i made, and recognize that in not blogging yesterday i am not wrong, bad, or accountable to anyone other than myself.  AND, see that if i had tried to blog in a flurry after work, or in a stupor following a cocktail infused evening, i would not have been standing for the quality of content that i would want associated with this challenge.  THUS,  a skip and a miss, but an opportunity to acknowledge that quality over quantity is of value to me!

i will stand for the challenge that i have taken on, and continue to write daily, but will be intentional in making time to sit down and think through the content. promise.


as such, i am going to log off.

as there is a caesar at Oyster calling my name.  hello Victoria, I have missed you. xo j