coming at you - fast and hard

DEVELOPMENT BONG! like a beer bong that you would craft out of supplies from Home Depot, but replace a cardonated barley-hops-sugar-water concoction with words of inspiration, questions why, concepts, feelings and emotions, coupled with values and new pieces of culture, culture, culture, and you've got immersion into a new corporate culture delivered via the DEVELOPMENT BONG!


conversations that have started in my world as of late have been inspiring, interesting, engaging and exciting! with so much changing within our corporate world, our personal lives and our relationships, SO many questions have been asked, emotions have been brought to the surface, and inquiries have been investigated and approached with open arms - this amount of awareness and recognition for what is facing us as opportunities and in looking at where we have been in celebration, in short bursts, is the content of the D-BONG.  It hits you hard, catches you off guard, but is something that people get SO flippin excited about that they cannot help but lead you down the funnel and shoot you into the world with thoughts, concepts and feedback splashed all over your t-shirt.


having a tough conversation? someone asking big questions that get you so excited for the potential of the conversation and the possibility at hand?  grab your most confident smile, open the space for candor and feedback, and crack open the development - then throw it down the bong and get the ideas rolling!  the receiver will maybe be caught off guard by how much they have to offer or how they are showing up, but the chance to share openly and have the feedback land with love and respect makes for some EPIC conversations.

and chugging skills.

xo j