a bud for you

who can resist the glowing faces of gerber daisies?? life can use some brightening up every now and again - and nothing can add a spring into someone's step who has been down in the dumps like fresh flowers in exuberantly bright (obnoxious, even!) colors.

it doesn't take much - not a dozen roses, not a huge bouquet.  just a stem or two to say 'thinking of you' changes someone's day.

they don't even have to be in need of perking up.  the thought of showing someone that they are on your mind and being open with your love and care for them brings smiles all around.  and a sunny vase to stare into makes the smile come back time and time again.

maybe it's a thank you card.

perhaps you satisfy a friend's sweet tooth.

do what makes those people smile.

share your love for the people in your life.  show them you are thinking of them.

i'm thinking of my closest friends, sending love, strength and hope to everyone.

i am thinking of my family, and shooting rays of affection, appreciation, and loving care to everyone.

and i am thinking of you! and how you are going to share your love with your friends, family and community .


xo j