there are so many epic bits about Vancouver Island.  From the sometimes-lengthy commute via the ferry system, to the quaint towns and cities that litter the coastal shores and valleys, the list of signifying aspects of life on the island is long and thorough.  There are, however, a couple gems on that list of unqie and suprising (at times) locations not to be missed when visiting the island in search of something truly unseen on or in the Lower Mainland. Their names are Still Life, Hemingway Boutique, and Rebel Rebel.

      Still LIfe

Rebel Rebel Hemingway Bouttique

The landscape and views from downtown Victoria (among other vantage points and points of interest) can take your breath away, but one thing that seems to be of a greater concern as of late in conversation here in VanCity which takes the drivers seat on visits to the escape that is the island: one of a kind fashion pieces and outfits.

The pro of living in Vancouver: lots of great outfits and idea to pull from in creating your look - whether that be a corporate inspiration, something more laid back from a scene on main, or something uber classy and well put together, as seen on the streets of Kerrisdale.

The con: lots of people wanting to look great = over shopping of styles and particular garments, and loss of individuality.

The boutiques on LoJo in vic have it together - offering great pieces at varied price points with diligence in limited orders and constant movement of their product.  They are always getting in new pieces, moving things around for new merchandising opportunities, and show no fear in bringing unique style and attention to fashion from the hotbeds of international trend devekopment tehmselves.

The trend for boutique style shopping comes to Vancouver in stores such as Oak and Fort (Gastown), Vincent Park (main street) and Charlie And Lee (Chinatown - an export from Victoria to the mainland).  I understand that size of cities denotes the scope of what stores carry and need to sell to stay in buesinsss, but I believe these stores truly have it down.  UNique yet simple basics with a twist, accessible prices and the willingness to improve your experience with some legit education makes me go back.  and back, and back.

Needless to say, my shopping my be taking place solely in Vic for now.  Love me some mass-produced staples, but gimmie something special to flaunt and this girl has some spring in her step!

xo j