picking up where we left off.....

The  morning following a successul night out with great friends and impressive mixed beverages (see last night's....errrr this morning's post regarding mixologists and a well bred appreciation for the savory flavorfulness that was the Fawlty Basil) is never complete without brunch.  Whether that be rolling out of bed and frying up a pan of eggs and tofurkey bacon for yourself and the friends who so responsibly crashed on your loveseat, or forcing yourselves out into the sunny day for a public display of hunger satisfaction, the accompaniment that cannot be missed, and sets the rest of the day up for success, is the coffee. So many amazing things are being done to make the art of not only drip (stove top percolator, anyone?) but also espresso based drinks unique, much like our cocktail experience from last night.  Enter: Lavender Lattes, brought to you by Cafe Medina (Beatty street, between Dunsmuir and Pender - from the Chambar family, to you!).

The addition of slightly sweet, lightly flavored lavender, mixed in with beautfully brewed and poured espresso and steamed milk made the java fix of Saturday morning that much more enjoyable.  Also on the menu: Vanilla, Raspberry, and Caramel (if my hazy memory serves me well).  Stepping out of the ordinary and trying something that came HIGHLY recommended by friends more experienced in the Medina dining world, proved to be a VERY well received and pleasant suprise.

While being out in the atmosphere of the exposed brick and vaulted celings held strong with raw-wood beams pulled each and every aspect of breakfast together, lattes inclusive, I would love to bring that uniqueness home to entertaining at Chez Robson.  It's not the inspiration that is lacking, but the knowledge of the 'how' and the tools needed (espresso machine, for example, and a full bar, if looking at the mixologists!) to make myself a barista-mixologist-entertainer-supreme for all my guests.  My work: getting creative with what I have and knowing that building a home FULL of everything I need/want to be the next 'home hosting' starlet takes time (time to collect the things you need and time to actually have people in....!).

so, all in good time, i guess.

for THIS time being, i will continue my quest for all the best of vancouver when it comes to beverages.  all shapes, sizes, temperatures and content!

got a great place with innovative offerings?? leave me a comment! xo j