blank canvases and hidden gems

arts and crafts night, robson style. starts off with a trip to Michael's for some canvases, paint, Mod Podge (oh yes, bringing it back 90s craft style, best believe it) and brushes.  I had every intention of splashing paint all over 6 canvases tonight - a flurry of words, colors, shapes, dots and swirls.  But in stopping once I got home, and looking at my space, and the years of confusion around how I have been trying to define what my space means to me, and how I want it to communicate a feeling, thought, expereience or other to those who visit, I came to a lovely realization: make it what you want it to be and take comfort in the fact that you can paint over, and over, and over again, if something you splash on the canvas doesn't work for you anymore.

in some ways, i'm an old school girl - i see a comittment as permanency, see choices as a ball and chain, locking you to a fate with those decisions for ever more.  I am shifting that thinking, day by day, to see each choice as a step, or a layer of paint.  Slowly, with intnetion, I am building my own staircase, painting my own masterpiece, towards my ideal life.  There may be some slanted stairs in there that might branch off to other hidden pathways, or some layers of paint that I create that need covering up and movement faster than others, but it's all a progression.  It's try it out, try it on, tade it in. Or run with it, make it epic, and make moves from there.

We are at the steering wheel of our own futures.  The choices we make are ours and ours alone.  Each step we take today builds our moementum, gives us a chance to see, do and try, and is ultimately putting tools in our toolboxes for the next stair, the next layer, and the next choice.

I choose to learn, grow and develop every day.  I choose to be inspired by passion, to surround myself with people living lives they love, and to constantly be in a place of wonderment with life.

and i choose to paint. layers, and layers and layers.

what do YOU choose?

xo j