a lotta local love

sunday mornings were meant for this. a three block stroll to a farmer's market where you meet the farmers.  i'm talking dirt under the fingernails gals and guys.  the people that I so desperately want to be one day (although probably on a back-yard 'look what i grew!' scale) chatting freshness, best places for crops to thrive, and flavor, flavor, flavor.

a beautiful sunny and clear sky (thank you very kindly, miss mother nature) provided an impressive backdrop for the market and a Picnic In The Park event that was just building momentum, with the crowds building in density minute by minute.  Honestly, my 'fight or flight' senses did take over at one point, with my sense of urgency nagging away, telling me to get moving, get the best deals and the best looking heirloom tomatoes.  why let somone else have the nicest and ripest Green Zebras? but, in enjoying the scene and in being in a light coversation about weekend shenanigans with my mum (hi mum!) whilst milling through the crowds, i settled into my most favorite, long needed and so loved feeling: the sense of belonging in a community and contributing to the creation of something amazing for a group of people.  on today's great-creation menu: awareness about local producers and the fantastic nature of what they create and in turn share with us.

people being together, in the sheer splendor of finding beauty in the experience of eating and sharing social events with the direct providers of the 'meat to the table' (straight up, there was a for real rancher and butcher there today....) builds a beautiful story to the meals we all were separating to concoct.  while I might not have made a new friend today, or might not have had friends over for dinner tonight to share my market story, best believe I have already shared the most flavorful blueberries with a friend, shared the glory that are the green beans who made it home with me, and will be showing off those Green Zebras this week at the office when i slice them up for lunch.  the value in purchasing your produce face to face from the farmer is priceless.

and the stories are endless.

xo j