i like the sparkly ones

living in wonderment doesn't really mean much until you are sitting under a freshly darkened, clear Vancouver sky, with fireworks of every shape, color, and decible level erruptnig above your heads.  there were legit 'oohhhhhhs!' and 'ahhhhhhhs!' - and yes, I even muttered 'I like the sparkly ones best'. While the Celebration of Lights comes only once a year, i am committing to taking the awe and sheer excitement that those 25 minutes afforded all its viewers forward into each and every day - in looking at what I do as my day to day activities as though they are once a year, rare occurrences.

Walking over the Burrard Street bridge while the sun sets, grabbing beautifully fresh fish for dinner at Capers, summiting the Grind, peeling around Kits on the Masi - i am reconnecting with the passion and LOVE i have for every day in Vancouver.  Because we have it pretty good here, friends, and this life should be celebrated every day!

i'll miss the fireworks this Saturday, but best believe I will be reliving the spectacle of this evening to all the guests I serve at the restaurant prior to the final show that evening, and will be pointing them in the direction of English Bay, encouraging them to sit, take it in, and point out THEIR favorite sparkly ones.

play each day

xo j