you can love love, yes you can.

and being inspired by the people in your life that you love, whether that be friends, family, co-workers, or other passionate beings that just make you want to do cartwheels, is something to celebrate.  heck, even blog about. (see Curtis, yes, Mr Lapointe, love counts as passion.  And my friend, I passionately love you!)

I recently re-identified with how much other people truly help me recharge, and why it is that I was constantly in pursuit of activities, dates, meetings, or any gathering of sorts, to fill up every day in my day planner.  In one of our team meetings at the office, we all took the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator test (yes, those four little letters that bring clarity to our innermost functionings......and make you say 'ohhhhhhh yup i see that' and 'HEY! no wonder we get along! these little letters tell us we are exactly the same person! forget individual identity and personality, we've got ENFJ!' - or something to that end.) to get a little more related, reflect on who we show up as in teh workplace, and learn more about how to communicate with one another.  While the process was intersting (some crazy percentage like 80%+ of us were all the same letters - law of attraction, much?), the actual descriptors of each letter were what piqued my interest the most.  Especially the capital 'E' that began my set.

'Extraversion' has always come with it the concept of someone being a bit loud spoken, outgoing, willing to meet people, uninhibited, the list goes on. BUT, in the context of Meyers Briggs, extraversion is seen as 'drawing energy from action' - or someone who recharges outside of a 'reflective state'.  So not only do extraverts want to be around others, they actually thrive in the presence of other people, and can become sluggish when left for too long in a state of seclusion or solitude.  To this end, I have found the voice for my 'passion for people'.

I learned from the Meyers Briggs experience that my love of others, of conversing, of getting to know someone or even be in the same space as another is inherent in me - to be in the environment of others is to share their energy and thrive off it!  thus, my love of people explained (from a scientific standpoint, of course)!!

so take that love, curtis, and spread it around to the other lovely beings in your life that you love to spend time with.  because, and i think i know you pretty well, i bet you are an 'E' to start off with....... !

xo j


curious about what your letters are? test can be taken through searching 'Meyers Briggs' in your most favorite search engine.  DO IT NOW!

OR have a look at the most collaborative site on the internet.....kinda like a wikid encyclopedia ....... you know the one.....and learn more about what the Type Indicator tests have to offer you and your teams!