31 days of questions, comments, concerns, etc

Thank you, miss Laurel Richardson, for throwing down the '30 day passion challenge' that has inspired me to get back to living in the 'Why?' with writing and getting my digits dancing along the keyboard to live out my pasison today - write, write, write! The challenge was to reconnect with something in your life that you LOVE to do, that makes your soul sing, but that you know you put off to the side for 'being too busy', 'not having enough time', or that 'will always be around' and you know you can pick up whenever you make time for it.  Question is, 'why not now?'.

The 'do it now' behind chasing down parts of your future dreams really set up the path for success in bits and pieces - much like I have little idea who is going to link up to my little ol'blog here, check out the content and potentially be interested in my contribution to their online newsletter/business, those who are reconnecting with their artistic side have no clue who may end up viewing their pieces that they may create in the next 30 days, and some athletes may end up with a heightened awareness of their love of sport/yoga/run/etc could result in membership onto new teams, into a club, or into contact with an awesome and inspirational coach.  Opportunities are endless!

My goal is to keep asking questions.  To ask something of myself each day, to encourage friends and family to ask questions of me (about writing and why it makes me smile, about sweating and why I smile while I am doing the grind, about love and how it drives me to make every person i know smile every day), and to propagate the continual 'why?' and living in wonderment outwards to everyone in my immediate and extended (yourselves included!) networks.

So, here we go!  the 30 day challenge (31 days, just to make things nice and smooth from beginning to end of the month!) begins.  Today describes the beast, and tomorrow jumps right into it!

Wanna know something about me?  Where my passions lie? What my bucket list looks like? What I love about Vancouver and life on the coast?  Leave a comment, and let's make this 31 days of get to know you, reflect on awesomeness, and create some great conversation!

xo j