his name is Larry, and he's an a$$

I met someone on Friday afternoon that made me a little nervous. He didn't have the nicest things to say about me, and was more than a little quick to make me think twice about my value and my ability to be an active contributor to the work I do and the life I am creating for myself.

His name is Larry.  And he's a real jerk.

He's also my ego.

Ego can be defined in a couple of ways.  One looks at it from 'conceit' or 'self importance'.  The other looks at the 'I' of each person, and our constant reflection on who we are in a group, how we stack up against others, and what it is that we as individuals contribute to a collective.  Nine times out of ten, when doubt steps in to blur our vision or make us think twice, or three times, about saying something to someone that may be seen as 'subversive' or contributing something to a conversation that may not be 'good enough', it is our personal egos that step up to suggest that 'maybe they don't want to hear that' or 'these people are smarter than you and that's not good enough for them'.

What powerful work is here, is recognizing that ego can stop us from living in greatness, and can restrict us from being fully expressed.  I'm living and breathing this work right now - in being in a place where I am learning to speak my value, be powerful in where my life is today and appreciate the journey, and in learning to ask questions, be open to feedback and to express my interest in playing big.  Not everything is going to come to us without saying what we want, and recognizing that while ego may whisper in our ear those little thoughts of apprehension, that when it arises you say 'hey, how are ya.....' then shove that nagging little monster into its place....the garbage can.

see ya later Larry, for this week, it's 100% jess.

name your ego.  show them you're bigger than their fear of looking bad.  use the ego-garbage can.  be awesome.  because you are!


xo j