20-something Vancouverite seeks fish-throwing monger

The time: 10:30am The place: Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle

Me: standing by the fish counter with a huge grin on my face taking in the atmosphere of the market for the first time.  revelling in the sights, sounds and good looking boys behind the salmon bench

You: dynamic and engaged pescatory-professional.  I didn't see you toss any sea creatures but I am sure you have an exceptional arm.  Your apron said 'Ryan'. if I had been wearing my work name tag, you would have seen that my name is 'Jess'

Call me crazy, but eyes locked and i got all high school.  yup, i even blushed.

In the interest of time and of not wanting my love life to take precedence in the content of what I want to have here on jessicarobson.wordpress.com, my daily consideration of my single status led me to the conundrum of 'looking for love in all the wrong places' (thank you Johnny Lee!).  In creating my 'list' (for another post, indeed) and considering what my formula for success is (not just relationship success but overall life success and happiness), I identified that I very much value having that special someone be local with some goals of longevity in a certain city OR someone nearby with the ability to commute.  And so, i ask myself, why am i letting my mind wander back to the nice looking monger behind the counter? Because good service and creating madly memorable experiences for people turns me on.

And not just in that way.  But in the way of seeing someone's passion seeping from their pores and driving them to contribute more, making others' days and being there to draw people (paying customers or not) into their joy and love of what they are doing - THAT is the most attractive thing about someone.  In personal relationships and in business.

I was immediately enrolled in what the team at the Fish Market were creating.  They took the time to speak to everyone, answer questions, and of course, throw some salmon, crabs, oysters, smoked salmon, etc., all while smiliing, taking pictures with tourists and showing off their love for their craft.  Showing you are inspired by your choices is inspiring to others.  And i left the market inspired.

So thank you, Pike Place Fish Market boys and girls.  I'm inspired to go throw some black stretchy pants around this week and see who is into it.  and i am going to smile while I am up to it and see who else I can get in on the game! (it sounds like a social experiment, but its not....)

And thank you, Ryan (i think?), for making me feel like i was 16 again, when i was trying to get the attention of one of the players on an out-of-town volleyball team during my high school's invitational.  It reignited my faith that the law of attraction can break all boundaries (borders included!).  Call me.  Or throw me a fish some time.  That would be an epic calling card.