i can cry and still be cool

i wasn't the shoulder today. i learned who i have standing for my happiness, my ability to love my life, and my greatness.

i was given the opportunity to put in perspective balance, realism in deadlines, and committment to all factors in daily life.

and it gave me the space to be vulnerable, shed some tears, have a couple laughs, and a great glass of wine with good friends.

i am learning every day.  today i learned that others see my value, and to continue to be successful and truly love my life, i need to learn to see it too. not only to see it, but to understand it and appreciate what my needs are, listen to them, and act for me.

an opportunity to hear three professionals speak to a group of young professionals regarding 'change leadership' led me into a consideration of 'leading from within'.  self identification and awareness of who we are as leaders enables us as effective managers and leaders, creates space with our teams for recognition of our stingy voices, brings to the surface background converastions and breeds a spave of openness and honesty in expectations (both personal and professional).

my work now is to recognize my 'work demon' and know when to walk away, do something for 'me', and know the emails, voicemails and faxes will still be there in the morning.

what's YOUR recognition of what holds you back? where is YOUR work to progress your leadership and ability to fully show up for your friends, family and colleagues?

some food for thought!

xo j