Life in the slow lane.....a deep breath and a long drive

Nearing the end of my trip in Europe, I found myself reflecting on how long my days felt.  After I spent some time chewing on that (well, chewing on a croissant while sipping a latte at Kitchen & Pantry in Notting Hill, just off Portobello Road....just sayin), i found myself reflecting on having time to reflect on feeling like time was crawling by (sounds deep, but this process probably came to full realization in about a 3 to 5 minute time span). It really hit me once I returned to Canada, got back to work, yoga classes, runs, catching up with friends, and the whole 'life' dynamic, and felt like seven whole days flew by in ONE afternoon of walking, museums, shopping, lattes and croissant in London (or walking, beach going, architecture appreciating and sangria sipping in Barcelona).  I got so wrapped up in being back and wanting to dive back into life that I was booked from 6am to 11pm every day of the week.

After heading to the island (Vancouver Island, not Jamaica.  Although Victoria operates on true 'island time', mon.) this past weekend for some teaching and some family time (HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'DREW!), i found myself on the highway heading back into Vancouver from Delta, and moving very comfortably into the 'slow lane' (growing up in Alberta, that is the WORST place to be seen, especially on the highway out to the mountains, or on the Deerfoot, or any main traffic artery.  EVERY drive was a race.  Fun, yes. Dangerous, very.).  I eased off the gas, took a deep breath, and let every minute pass by as a whole 60 seconds.  With good music, decent(ish) scenery and the comfort of appreciating the drive, I spent those 30-odd minutes truly slowing down.  And it felt good.  Whereas I would normally pull into the spot out back my apartment agitated from the jerk who cut me off and set me back a whole two minutes, I arrived calm, cool and collected.  And proceeded to have an amazing afternoon.

I am making the personal committment to slow down.  To take the time to enjoy my walk to work, to get comfortable in traffic, extend my runs, and appreciate every single minute in every yoga class.  Truly take opportunities to slow down, and appreciate the moment.

I am doing it NOW.  What are YOU doing to extend your days and find happiness in those longer minutes and hours?

Food for thought :)