the not so play by play.....

the goal was a day by day update of what i was experiencing in europe with my big sister. the hiccup: no computer access in barcelona and VERY limited wifi for my canadian iPhone.

the result: 6 days off the blog. not a great success.

SO: in a backdated and belated 'hello barcelona', 'te amo sangria', 'adios espana y ola angleterre', and 'nice to meet you miss michelle', here is a fast paced account of what has transpired, accompanied by photographic evidence:

Barcelona: the beautiful city of narrow alleyways/street with amazing boutiques, restaurants, bars and lounges, age old architecture by famed creators, an amazing central beach that goes for miles, and too many tasty recipes for sangria!  The sis and I trucked our little dogs all over the city, from the peaks of Montjuic and Tibidabo, to the Barrio Gottic, and to the sands of the beach.  We navigated the metro system and visited markets, shopped a bit and walked, walked, walked. Check it out:

And, in leaving the land of tapas, returned to a drizzly Londontown, keen to see the sights and catch up with some old and new friends:

There is SO much more that has happened, so many beautiful people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with and have been blessed to see so many different cultures and lifestyles within Barcelona and London! Two more days of looking about and then it's a long flight back to the land of the Canuck!

Still waiting to see Hugh and Julia - have been prowling Portobello Road in hopes of catching them in an awkward 'oops i spilled my orange juice - why dont you come over the street and change in my blue doored flat'  moment so very, very reminiscent of a certain movie taking place in a certain burrough of london I happen to be residing in at the moment.....just saying.