like the night before disneyland.....

im too excited to sleeeeep. tomorrow marks day one of vacation and I am sitting up unable to really wrap my head around how March 23 is already here. in booking a trip to london in december i had 'forever' to plan, save and prepare myself for the 'best euro-excursion' possible.  i even bought a conversational spanish phrase book to brush up on my university level (albeit entry-level) spanish in anticipation of amazing and lengthy conversations in fractured Spanish about the history of Barcelona with a handsome bronzed apollo of a man.....(only to learn that the dialect in Barcelona is unique and VERY different from the rest of Spain - castellano verus catalan. wikipedia it.....i had t0!) looking to create some beautiful memories.  To date, the phrase book has collected a thin film of dust after being pored over for all of 30 minutes before the bad-language news was broken to me. :(

Now, here I am at the cusp of a trip to London and Barcelona with little more than a glimmer of an idea of what I am about to experience.  This is where we open the curtain to my EXCEPTIONALLY organized and travel-conscious sister sitting happily in a place of research and vast amounts of knowledge of where to go, what to do, where to eat and drink in both cities (she is a Londoner right now so its kind of a given that she be well versed at LEAST in that city!), and I welcome myself onto her travel itinerary, knowing that I will be well informed of what we are seeing every day, probably broken down by the hour. Which is great for a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants traveller like myself.  I will actually see the sights this trip and i could not be more excited at the prospect.  Handling the 'seeing things in London' part of the trip will be the tell-all as to whether or not I get it together and make a plan - stay tuned for that update!

My reflection on my unprepared-ness is not coming from a place of 'someone should do it for me' but moreso from a place of being comfortable in the ambiguity of a new city and environment.  This has seemed to work for me in the past with travels to the Uk and Australia, however is such a step outside of the norm of a perpetual planner like myself.  I have a great sense of schedule and planning here in the homeland (Vancouver), but get me outside of the city and I'm a scheduling and logistical mess!  My commitment is to take on the scheduling side of planning two GREAT days of museums, galleries and shopping for the 30th of March and the 1st of April.  Look for those schedules in coming posts as I figure out what my surroundings are and the transportation available! 


convinced? I AM!

night friends!