Painting, proscuitto, and damn good pie

This was undoubtedly the best birthday celebration I have had in personal history......a table full of my closest coastal-buddies, a venue catering not only to our tastebuds but also to our need for a creative outlet, with a menu containing the BEST pie in town, and a drizzly evening making the cosy interior that much more intimate.  Perfect setting for some great chats, tons of smiling, and some serious artistry. The team at Raw Canvas let us take over a massive social table without hesitation, the wine came out, fine cheese platters prepared by the chef and presented with flare (and perfect pronunciation) graced the table, and our drinks were always topped (muy importante).  Their mellow take on such a unique service is what keeps people coming back.  You work with them, and they are very willing and happy to work with you!

I had a massive appreciation for the people I was lucky enough to spend tonight with.  My professional and personal circles intersected, and beautiful music was made!  Inspiring women and men surrounded the table, brought eachother into conversations, and collaborated their artistic powers to create a very special night for everyone!

AND THE PIE! Ever had Aphrodite's?? No?? GET ON IT!  Organic  fruits, smoooooooth pie crust, savory and a bit sweet....... music to my tastebuds.  Aphrodites can also be found in their own retail outlet on West 4thand Dunbar in Kitsilano.  Go check em out.  Grab some pie. a la mode? just do it.


and take some friends with you - see how much sweeter the pie tastes! :)