Image: Jeremy Jude Lee

Image: Jeremy Jude Lee

Wait...web copy that sounds like a normal 


Human connection, silly.

Your audience is craving a connection with you, yet industry speak can fall short in bringing out more than simply your services.

And I hear you: putting personality into hyper-technical info and processes, or copy that’s supposed to ‘sell’ can feel like you’re trying to put together a trick-puzzle where the pieces are designed to not fit.

AND. Imagine having people 'get it' on the first go - and dive in to know more. Imagine describing your expertise feeling as painless as ordering your favourite cocktail at your local watering hole.

No more glossy eyes from people sitting across from you; just focus, curiosity and intrigue as they listen to you articulating your thoughts with power and purpose.

Battling the blues of not knowing how to describe what you do?

Stuck in some old service descriptions that haven't evolved with you and your growing magic?

Ready to own your contribution and have brand language that stops people in their tracks?

Welp...this might be where you and I become real close


Emphasis on YOUR. The words that YOU naturally use. The words that tell YOUR story - not your competitors. The words that your clients or community knows they're waiting to hear...and can only hear from y-o-u.

And the ones that you can naturally speak and share with purpose and power. Assuredness and awesomeness. Grace and gusto. 

Got it?

Have the words you speak and write DO the thing you want them to: convert, sell, inspire, engage, activate, motivate, (insert your verb of choice here).

Create your world, your work, your self (and your Self for my introspective + spiritual friends out there).


Great copy does more than tell a stellar story. Killer communication shares more than a message. When your brand speaks and has life in it, it does one simple yet elusive thing: it builds trust.

And trust is currency.

Trust is the access point to a 'yes'. 

Beyond the writing, it's what happens with your ears.

From time spent in the hospitality and retail industries, I learned the value of listening early on, and the power it has to connect you to what someone is truly saying or requesting.

Taking that skill out into the writing world today, my most value-added offerings come from simply listening; to the language, intonation, passion and purpose behind how someone communicates.

From there, we create an expression of who that person or what that business is – together.

Image: Albert Law

Image: Albert Law

The voice behind a business is how potential customers and clients will connect and interact with it. Getting it right means making it true – for you.

Everything we do and experience comes down to how we communicate. From individual words to how they build sentences and paragraphs, to their visual impact or the story they unfold, every aspect of communicating leaves an imprint. My favourite thing is to make your impact a positive one.

And because we're friends's a little more on me:

I’m an Alberta native living (and loving) life on the West Coast of Canada. A fan of contradictions, I live in a mountain town that's a hop skip and jump away from the 'big city', keeping my penchant for fancy cocktails satisfied while simultaneously nurturing my quiet-loving introvert.

On the flip, I give my extroverted self some time outta her cage in front of groups; facilitating workshops and offering keynotes to help participants express themselves with a little more confidence and clarity.

I love a good coffee, have an obnoxious sweet tooth and a couple more tattoos than you would think. I love people, their stories, their experiences and their perspectives. I’m sometimes called the ‘Black Sheep’ and always ok with it. Entrepreneurship has offered me more than I could ask for and I'm hell bent on giving even a fraction of what I've got to the people around me.

AKA - you.

So buckle up. Good stuff's coming your way.




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