Image: Jeremy Jude Lee

Image: Jeremy Jude Lee


A little on what I get up to…

I spend my days immersed in the world of words. From time spent in the hospitality and retail industries, I learned the value of listening early on, and the power it has to connect you to what someone is truly saying or requesting. Taking that skill out into the writing world today, my most value-added offerings come from simply listening; to the language, intonation, passion and purpose behind how someone communicates. From there, we create an expression of who that person or what that business is – together.

The voice behind a business is how potential customers and clients will connect and interact with it. Getting it right means making it true – for you.

Everything we do and experience comes down to how we communicate. From individual words to how they build sentences and paragraphs, to their visual impact or the story they unfold, every aspect of communicating leaves an imprint. My favourite thing is to make your impact a positive one.

And some more on me…

I’m an Alberta native living (and loving) life on the West Coast of Canada. Possibly a mermaid in a former life, I’m drawn to large bodies of water and any excuse to be in them. I’m a movement junkie who feeds on endorphins and vitamin D. I love a good coffee, have an obnoxious sweet tooth and a couple more tattoos than you would think. I love people, their stories, their experiences and their perspectives. I’m sometimes called the ‘Black Sheep’ and always ok with it. I’m afflicted by wanderlust and am culturally curious. And, I’m seriously grateful that you’re here, checking out this little site.


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